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Russia will have your cryptool. This decision was made by the Russian President, said at a closed meeting with members of the Moscow Metropolitan club, the Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov. In his opinion, not scriptural be done quickly.

He opened his eyes

For the first time about creating cryptolabs at the St. Petersburg international economic forum said the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova. According to her, testing the technology of the blockchain (a chain of distributed registries. — Ed.), which is the basis of digital money, has already begun. The draft law on circulation of cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation may be submitted to the state Duma already in the end of 2017. Proposes to levy the transaction with digital money taxes.

It is interesting that a year ago some members of the Government of the Russian Federation called virtual money “evil,” the Bank of Russia declared that “no cryptolabs will not be — the project is closed,” a Finance Ministry for the release of monetary surrogates offered to put people behind bars for 7 years! What made the authorities change the 180 degrees point of view on this issue?

The answer is obvious: fear. Russia risks being marginalized in the world economy, if you continue to ignore the onset of the digital know-how.


The first virtual currency appeared in 2009. Bitcoin (from the English. bit — the smallest unit of information and the “coin” — a coin) that allows using a coded electronic key to exchange information “coins” created by an unknown programmer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Who is this person, is still unknown.

The idea was so successful that the inventor quickly had followers: create your own cryptocurrency simple and inexpensive. Enthusiasts Activity stimulates the absence of regulators. The issue of digital money of the state not in control, no one asks the purpose of anonymous transfers and payments. Sharing via digital coins safe: power hacker attacks exceed the capacity of all users of this network is to restart the cryptocurrency cheaper than to organize an attack. The issue of virtual coins are mathematically calculated and limited, so they will not depreciate.

Digital money for the first time challenged the national currency in Venezuela. Due to hyperinflation, the owners of many shops in this country prefer to make payments in the popular slot tokens (virtual shares. — “EV”) Rare Pepe: the course “the frog Pepe” tied to bitcoin, was much more stable exchange rate of the Bolivar.

First thing in the market of virtual money there niche “coins”. For example, the market for legal marijuana in Canada and the EU very popular system PotCoin and PotWallet. To the average fan of “grass” trades with these currencies will not cost you a penny. The “Coin” LBRY is designed for content sharing among filmmakers, musicians, writers and software developers. A large number of systems serves the interests of gamers.

On the market today several thousands of types of private money, but 90% of the funds is concentrated in 10 leading currencies (see table). Note that the capitalization of Bitcoin exceeded $96 billion Is several times more than the capitalization of the largest Russian state-owned banks.

TOP 10 world of cryptocurrencies 16.10.17.

Two ways

Earn on investments in digital money in two ways. First, you can invest in the equipment that mines cryptocurrencies (mining), based on the fact that the value of the mined currency will exceed investments in the corresponding production. “Now do unskilled mining investors. Often people act just out of interest,” said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the investment Fund Key Group Alexander Pershikov. According to him, more recently, the business generated revenues at 30-40% per annum, and is now due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, the yield is 200-300%.

Second, profits can be obtained on the growth of the market value on the stock exchange. “Crypto currencies have a very active dynamics. Since the beginning of 2017, the cost of bitcoin has grown 2.5 times, and the litecoin price increased 10.2 times. The growth of quotations amounted to 920%! Ie, buying cryptocurrency at relatively low levels, it was possible to get a huge profit. In addition, the cryptocurrency due to the limited emission can serve as an interesting tool for protection against inflation,” — said analyst GK Forex Club Irina Rogova.

“Related to this tool for the serious players changed after few large. ICO (Initial Coin Offering, the initial placement of cryptocurrency, the analogue of the IPO. — Ed.) in the beginning of this year, held fairly solid companies, — noted the Deputy Director of THEIR “Finam” Yaroslav Kabakov. — It became clear that a marginal market major cryptocurrencies drifting in a civilized fashion”.

Cocky rookie

The first in the world in early April declared the cryptocurrency as means of payment Japan. “In the land of the rising sun private investors to invest in bitcoin as concerned about the deficit of the national pension programme. Cryptocurrency awaits the development of regulations. This will trigger a new wave of demand in Asia. In particular, such steps can be followed from India, and it is 11% of turnover. In addition, in Japan from July 1 is cancelled 8 percent tax on bitcoin transactions, as South Korea announced its intention to legalize cryptocurrencies in the current year. Singapore is developing a digital Singapore dollar,” said Rogov.

In the United States equated released as part of the ICO tokens to securities. Now issuers will be required to register for the issue of virtual stock. In many EU countries, bitcoins to pay for train tickets, singe accommodation in hotels, shopping at stores. In the US, tokens are often paying in major online stores and on wall street will soon register the first investment Fund focused only on the digital “coin”. “The value of bitcoin in 10 years could reach $100 thousand”, — said an analyst at Saxo Bank Kay van Petersen. According to him, cryptocurrency will take up to 10% of the average daily trading volume in the foreign exchange market of the United States. The market capitalization of bitcoin could rise to $1.75 trillion. Bloomberg has named bitcoin the “Golden the new generation.”

The quiet invasion

In our country there is a ban on production of money substitutes. However, the liability for failure to comply with this prohibition is not installed. Therefore, transactions in currencies carefully enter circulation. In Moscow bitcoins to pay for lunch in the restaurant of Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg, and Tyumen — classes in the fitness studios, and in Yekaterinburg — the purchase of apartments! In the Moscow region due to ICO farming has attracted the development capital for the tens of millions of dollars.

On digital money drew attention upstairs. National settlement Depository that performs functions of the Central Depository of the Moscow exchange intends to create a platform for the maintenance of digital assets. “Russia will have to go, that is, in step with the times. In addition, the cryptocurrency is suitable for use in electronic Commerce and significantly increases the speed of transactions. The Ministry of Finance should prepare proposals for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. And perhaps this will be the first step towards the emergence and cryptolabs”, — said Irina Rogova. In her view, the creation of digital of the ruble will take several years.

However, many analysts believe cryptocurrency is a global deception. Digital money is a whole bunch of specific drawbacks: high volatility (during the day, the course of bitcoin on the exchange may be reduced by a third), is irrevocable, hackers and scammers. For example, a lot of fuss about the Spaniard Jose Marco, the founder of “digital currency” Unite. For cash dollars, he sold tokens that are not connected to the system. Victims of the project were 50 thousand Spaniards lost about 45 million euros. In the office of the crook hung a portrait of the founder of the Russian financial pyramid MMM Sergei Mavrodi, which he considered his idol…

“If cryptocurrencies in and out of the bubble, it will be a very large soap bubble, — Alexander Pershikov. But even after he deflates, cryptogenic still remain in circulation. Digital coins will change our lives. As a bike that in some way too, was at the time, “bubble”: it ceased to be worth a lot of money, so many people are still happy pedal”.

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