I just have this expression: the history of the Spartak goalkeeper

He rarely smiles, but loves Jim Carrey. Friends with hockey players from “Washington capitals,” but ill for “new York Rangers”. Plays football, but after a career wants to do martial arts.

Alexander Samedov, card Moscow “Spartak”, a man of contradictions, but those of particular interest.

Aleksandr Samedov with the family. Photo: instagram.com@19samedov84


— Alexander, friendly matches with the national team, the fight for the title in the Premier League, well ahead of the main event — the world Cup. The rest you can only dream of? I remember, probably from your beloved Thailand, where you rest in recent years… which, by the way, this country like so much?

You know, I was almost everywhere, where the players used to relax. In the Maldives, Cuba, Dubai, the Dominican Republic, and Singapore. And after two or three times in Thailand I realized that this is my country. You can’t explain, I just like it there. People, culture, food. Thai people are very friendly. You can sit in a small cafe on the street which may look awful. But one hundred percent — there will be a delicious, high quality, sterile.

— Well, you, as a man who owns his cafe, hard to fool. You specifically studied the management of such a business?

— Not studied. Just I have long had this dream. As I said, my wife and I travel a lot, love to try the local cuisine, to compare. Many visited different restaurants around the world, so I wanted to open something of their own.

But, apparently, you or difficult for the business, or a little fed up. Because if earlier you said that it will develop after a career, recently more pessimistic.

— Not pessimistic! Just when the dream comes true and you are faced with difficulties, problems, learn more about the process, understand that not all so easy. On some things, starting with this one, I hadn’t even considered. Not even imagined that can make it happen. And still the experience is priceless. All the bumps that I got, in the future will help me. So far as to say that I won’t. View.

The idea is to go to school and make yourself an after sport career in business, you don’t dismiss?

— Definitely not dismiss. Because desires change all the time. Five or six years ago, I wanted a completely different and some things looked different.

— What for example?

Five years ago I said that after a career don’t see myself in football. I thought: I will finish and who is this football will be needed? Now I’m not so categorical look at their future. Can remain, for example, trainer or functionary.

— You mentioned that like to eat. And for your diet for yourself keep it or do the club doctors, nutritionists?

— In “Spartacus” there are nutritionists. They give each individual sheet than to eat at home, it would be better specifically for each organism. But I’m a pretty experienced athlete, you know what is possible and what is not. Sometimes, of course, can afford superfluous rated or unprofitable. But this happens infrequently.

photo: Evgeny Semenov


— As a child you were rooting for AC Milan. Had the desire, I confess that after the “Spartacus” immediately Rossoneri…

— Not a desire, a dream was. It was just a youthful mind. And now would not refuse to play there, to be honest. Although, of course, I’m happy with everything in “Spartacus”.

And if inter called?..

— I refused. (Laughs.)

You always played only in Moscow. This is a random choice of fate or you were just turned down offers from other cities?

— After all this is the fate of so ordered. I am a graduate of “Spartacus”, and it turned out that I left the club 12 years ago. And in 32 years I came back here. And very happy to be in my home club.

— So in another place could live?

— Of course, just a coincidence that they always played in Moscow. Although I am very happy.

— Can you compare the feeling from the atmosphere at the match “Spartak” then, 12 years ago, and now at the new stadium, when you came back.

— Experience now just Grand! When I left, we played in “Luzhniki” and there came a lot of people. But your stadium is your stadium. It’s super easy! I when did not play due to injury, was just looking at the banners made by the fans. In such an atmosphere the legs themselves are running.

— After the world Cup in 2014, you said that you were affected by the enormous pressure that you faced before. At home the world championship the pressure will be even greater?

— I think that in psychological terms is just easier. That tournament was my first major, so the stress was huge. But then there was the European championship, the confederations Cup. I have gained experience, the top of which look at many things differently. Become more calm and balanced.

— Find some words for those guys, who are now for the first time will perform at a major tournament?

— If need be, find it. Although most still participated in the same confederations Cup. And have passed a good school.


— You said you never read the fan sites comments because it’s bad for you. You load up about this?

— In the past — Yes, I may have offended when I was young. Now I do not care. There are many more important things than to read and digest some of the comments in his address.

And if accidentally caught?

— Yes, like not accidentally stumble. But even if suddenly somewhere and stumble, still it will pass by me. Did not react, right here are quite. Just realized over time that it makes no sense to worry about people’s opinions. In the end they have the right to Express it. Most interesting is that if something someone writes on Instagram, for example, then the account is bound to be closed. It’s just a classic. These brave men I really like. You can apply only with a sense of humor.

— Are you a touchy man?

— I would not say. I’m pretty forgiving. If you don’t want someone to communicate, I will not. Even I will not be offended.

— Have you ever in your life people who have lost your trust?

— Sometimes. Someone me after this life divorced, and I am very pleased. With someone again, I agreed. Someone I have not been able to regain their trust. And that’s fine. Everyone in life happens. And everyone has the right to choose with whom he wants to communicate.

— Can you easily laugh? Or are you still very serious person? You have been told that when Bob Berezutski played for the national team, he is constantly pestering you with a question: why are you so glum?

— I can laugh if it is funny. I’m actually not gloomy. I just got a funny expression on his face. I feel so comfortable. And Bob — Yes, he didn’t like it. Or on the contrary, liked to get to me.

Comedy like?

— Before even adored. Favorite actor was Jim Carrey, favorite movie is “Dumb and dumber”. I watched it probably a hundred times! And “ACE Ventura”. This superomedia! But now the Comedy genre in General has become worse.

— Moved to drama?

— I switched to all genres at once. Love Thrillers with intrigue. Well, the series, of course. They are now all looking.

— All the players coming out of the bus in the headphones, you too. What you have there plays?

— Anything mood. You can listen to Polina Gagarina, can the Leps.


— You love to watch American basketball, NHL matches, make friends with Ovechkin. Went to Washington to cheer for the other?

— Not yet, but dreaming. I call there all the time. Eugene Kuznetsov is now also playing for Washington, and when he calls, for example, to congratulate me on the win, it definitely invites for a game “capitals”. But I, unfortunately, don’t root for the capitals, I’m rooting for “new York Rangers”.

— It happens that after a career athletes change their roles just for their own development, not to pursue professional careers. Alexei Smertin, runs marathons, Yevgeny Kafelnikov pretty good golfer. You in hockey to play you?

— I do martial arts. Just the athlete, after years of daily training it is very easy to lose shape, after finishing a career. To go on the treadmill? On simulators, swing? Tired of all this. I asked myself: what sport has given me pleasure as an Amateur and came to the conclusion that this martial arts.

— You in the childhood fought?

I think I want to do martial arts, because as a child I was beaten all the time? (Laughs.)

— Remember the eternal question from the movie “Anastasia” who is cooler — the skier or snowboarder. So what separates the players from the players?

Hockey players eat a lot! After the game they’re wrapped around, I tell you.

It says that hockey is more energy intensive?

— I don’t know what it is, but I learned that different muscle groups we are working with them. They go on the ice, they need a minute otpahat and then pause. And the players all 90 minutes in traffic, while not in such intense as hockey players on the ice. Look at their hip muscles! It’s machine just.


— The most important thing is family, you say in interviews. How do you show family members that they are the most important?

— Probably the most important thing you can give them is time. In athletes it is very small. But I try to use every opportunity to spend time with his wife and two sons.

— Something for that you have to sacrifice?

— No need to sacrifice. Or so: everything of what you are refusing for my family, this is no sacrifice. When my first son was born, I wasn’t really aware of their fatherhood, I can honestly admit. Could spend time in the companies with friends, and after training to go somewhere to sit. And now immediately going home and cherish this time. Children grow up so fast. I really want to be with them.

— How do you educate your sons of men?

— Well, a little while just passing the time — playing, watching. And the oldest is already faced with some problems. Appears your “I”. And we must somehow be able to channel his emotions correctly. To explain what is possible, what not.

— Asks questions that put you in a deadlock?

Nothing too bad yet global he asks. I’m more worried about how he will have to behave in society, what role to play. Order not picked up is bad, do not copy someone’s behavior. Of course he makes mistakes, does some things that I don’t like. Not, it turned out, finding the right words.

— And you often do wrong in life?

— I don’t know how often, but I was wrong. But no regrets. All these mistakes taught me a lot. Changed my worldview.

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