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“Decided to seek justice”

Hanging shabby door to class, scribbled desks, broken chairs and a female voice-over: “Here in this office I have to work…”. This is a video creates shot 29-year-old Sochi teacher Elena Nosovaand a half years ago moved to the Krasnodar territory of the Saratov region. In his native region, her daughter is constantly sick because of the climate, because they are civil husband and decided to change their place of residence. In the South the child is really better, but the hopes of women concerning work in the Olympic capital was not justified. According to her, immediately after coming to public school No. 4, she was faced with many violations.

“In this school, it started with deceit, says the teacher. The Director promised me one salary, and accrued another: a year and a half I have received 13 thousand roubles. Then he cheated with the calculation of sick leave. Also from me demanded that I have made illegal actions. Forced to sign documents retrospectively, to certify students who did not come to school. I was against such violations and, of course, the authorities accumulated a negative to me, was growing fear that I will substitute his actions. I threatened with dismissal”.

Frame from controversial video of Helen Nasal. Photo: personal archive/ Elena Nosova

Elena Nosova says he also had to fight for proper conditions for conducting the educational process. According to the woman, she’s very long had to change the class after each lesson, although the teacher of biology need a permanent office with a laboratory for conducting practical work. After a year of work it still allocated, but only for one day a week. Thus in one of the other days she had to work in the study of mathematics, which fell on the scandalous footage. And in addition to all this, as a teacher complains that her students were not enough places for very large classes.

“I believe that in a city of world importance, like Sochi, should be the appropriate conditions — continues Elena Nosova. — And those in which I have worked and taught children, can cause tears and shock. There were a lot of violations. I spoke to the school administration and the Sochi city administration with requests to put in order the working conditions. But I always was denied. Came written replies that all is correct. And after that I decided to seek justice through the television.”

Elena Nosov was fired just days before the New year. Photo: personal archive/ Elena Nosova

“Fabricated Complaints”

Video Helena the Bow was made public on 21 November and immediately caused a great resonance. And then many people saw the other entry, where the children sit during the lesson at their desks for three and even just the walls of the portfolios at the knees. And, in the opinion of the teacher, to guide educational institutions all this visual work was the last straw, after which it decided to dismiss under false pretenses. The teacher lost his job just a week after the publication of the video on December 27.

“On the morning after this I issued the first warning, — says Elena Nosova. Allegedly a parent complained that I was rude with her talking on the phone. But they even indicated that this is exactly what I said. In the acts of the official investigation written only generalities without specifics. In fact, I did not violate anything. I was fired for the truth, and the complaints of parents fabricated. The characteristic traces I found that they were all printed on the same printer from the computer of the teacher. It was she I was fired, because at the time, acting Director”.

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The teacher claims that in parallel with the fabrication of complaints after videos of her in school began hastily to take measures to conceal the existing violations. In particular, she says that December 22 saw with my own eyes and videotaped, as in the study of mathematics changed the furniture.

“In the morning the disciples dragged the old desks down to the warehouse, and instead raised new plastic tables, — says Elena Nosova. — Although they are light, unstable and not fit for school health standards. There countertop too high for the mechanism, like a folding chair — at any moment might emerge. As far as I know, the furniture the school received as a gift after the Olympics. Some of the tables put in the dining room, and the remains are now brought into this office. That is, no one has made any purchases. Right after my video in class, you cut the old door, instead of which set new. The Director said that he bought it, but, to my knowledge, it long ago acquired the parents and just couldn’t deliver”.

A fragment for the treatment of Sochi”s teacher to the President of Russia. Photo: personal archive/ Elena Nosova

“The irresponsibility and greed for money”

According to Elena’s Nose, the school also urgently began to set against her staff, parents of students and to put in order the documentation, which could confirm her words about violations.

“I felt support from all over Russia, and here in Sochi, I also expressed, says the teacher. And the children thanked when I was fired, and the parents wrote, and colleagues still with me. But now everyone is afraid. Teachers who talked to me and was in a good relationship, was under close attention of management. Them to prepaymania issued reprimands, found that. After my school dismissal times three day gathering meeting, where we agreed to write against me in a collective complaint about the fact that I’m a bad teacher. And parents for this calling. That is, the control put the whole school, because they have their panic”.

Elena Nosov believes that the cause of all problems is “irresponsibility, indifference, and greed for money” on the part of school leadership. For example, she complains that the teachers sometimes simply lack the time to fulfill their duties because they are “from morning till evening” informally tutoring on a fee basis in the offices. In her words, “close to the Director” the staff and so get a lot:

One of the complaints of Helen Nasal. Photo: personal archive/ Elena Nosova

“Their salary is not the same as we mere mortals, who only came to work. The teachers of this circle receive 47 thousand, 52 thousand, head teachers in General, probably, three hundred. And so, as I pay 13-16 thousand, up to a maximum of thirty somehow comes with a load of two rates. Even though the President himself said that the Krasnodar region is fertile, and here should get more than the average for Russia.”

The teacher adds that because of dissatisfaction with everything happening just in front of her out of this school “ran away” about a dozen teachers.

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The point put by the court?

But the management of the Sochi school No. 4 from the beginning of this story flatly denies that there have allowed such a serious breach.

“My position is very simple, — says the Director of the school № 4 Vladimir Shishkov. Is absolutely frustrated teacher, not listening to no one’s opinion. She started all of this, realizing that it will be a very demanding approach, as all teachers. As soon As she was announced the first disciplinary action, immediately became hysterical and revenge. She published the video after the reprimand, and not before, as said. This is a staged plot. We have written off desks, which are downstairs in the warehouse. She brought them in and put in the class. Of course, children do not learn in such conditions. There’s the desks are not new, but this absurd show… we Have modern classrooms with interactive whiteboards, computers, other equipment, can come and see. It does not happen that the whole team is wrong, and only one man right.”

Elena Nosova with her daughter. Photo: personal archive/ Elena Nosova

During the meeting, Vladimir Voronin referred to the results of the official investigation published on the website of the office for education and science of the Sochi administration. But the most interesting thing is that there is just not disputed that took Elena Nosova. The report says that school property was damaged due to “uncontrolled and fiercely behavior” of students. It further States that the use do not conform to the furniture and the lack of control over the books reprimanded the Deputy Director on educational work and teacher of English, who is in room # 401. But the other charges dismissed teacher, in fact, rejected. On the contrary, it is itself accused of violating the Charter of the school, misconduct and bias. But, again, it is noteworthy that in all of this, the education Department believes it is possible to return the teacher to the school.

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According to Helen Bow, and of the administration of Sochi she even offered assistance in conflict resolution and employment. But to find a common language with the former Director of failed and to go to another school with a record of dismissal in the article she feels is wrong. In the end, the woman decided to defend their case and seek recovery in court.

“I have already submitted all the documents and within two months the court shall decide, — says the teacher. — I know for sure that it will be open, with the participation of the public and journalists. I’m not going to cheat myself, I will not use links, of which I was Director. And even if I lose the local court, it will appeal to a higher court. It will be necessary to reach the Strasbourg court. Personally, I think that we need to change the management of the school, when it comes to lawlessness. In this town we can not in any case allow that to happen.”

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