In Chelyabinsk proposed to introduce the post of the Director of school safety

Valery Spidlen

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Moscow, January 26 – AIF-Moscow.

In Chelyabinsk the police propose to introduce in schools the position of Deputy Director for security, to prevent the recurrence of incidents in Russian schools, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the chief GU MVD of Russia in the region Andrey Sergeev.

Pulled a knife from his pocket. Why schools turn into places of violence?

According to him, there was a need for close attention to the lives of teenagers. The police believe that the existing measures such as perimeter fencing, video cameras, frames and security company, is insufficient. Sergeyev believes that crime prevention in schools need to look different.

However, the introduction of a new position can be difficult in rural schools, but required schools with high levels of juvenile delinquency and learning of teenagers consisting on the account in Department on Affairs of minors.

Sergeyev also noted that incidents in schools occur under the influence of similar events in the West, the social networks associated with quests or groups of suicidal orientation.

The Senator from the Omsk region Elena Mizulina said earlier about the need to transfer the function of protection of schools from private companies Regardie.

Last week saw two attacks on schools. In Buryatia the ninth left in the class, the Molotov cocktails and attacked with toporama students in the seventh grade, seven people were injured. In Perm in the attack, two teenagers with knives injured 15 people, including teachers.

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