In Egypt found unique meteorite

Moscow, January 15 – AIF-Moscow.

Scientists from South Africa came to the conclusion that the meteorite “Hypatia”, which was discovered in Egypt in 1996, has a unique structure and contains compounds that in the Solar system are not, says Science Alert.

The powers of heaven against the port. Residents of suburbs “invented” meteorite

As the researchers concluded, the meteorite is similar to poorly mixed dough for the pie. It contains many specific compounds that are components of the stellar dust existed before the Solar system formed. In “Hypatia,” a lot of pure aluminium, which is now almost impossible to find in the Solar system, it is found in very small quantities and only in specific conditions.

According to experts, the meteorite older than Solar system. He probably came to Earth from the Kuiper belt. Perhaps the stone was the nucleus of the comet, resulting in a very cold environment and almost completely burnt in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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