In Russia found an unprecedented virus for Android

“Kaspersky lab” has identified a new virus Skygofree for devices based on the Android operating system and compare it with the capabilities of the security services. Partial code and description of the virus are posted in the company blog.

Skygofree analysts described as “unprecedented”. It is noted that many of the 48 features of any other virus is not able to perform. In particular, co-ordinating the interception of an device’s microphone, the software can eavesdrop on any conversations in a specific location and record them.

In addition, according to experts, the virus itself connects the gadget to controlled Wi-Fi networks, stealing phone calls, messages, almost all of the information of the messengers, on their own photographs and transmits images to the hackers.

In addition to data interception, Skygofree controls the information contained in the calendars, photographs, and records of the smartphone. In the power saving mode, the virus ensures uninterrupted operation, including yourself in the list of critical applications.

Spread malicious software through the pages of the Internt, masquerading as the sites of mobile operators. The Trojan has existed for three years and is constantly updated. According to experts, there are modules Skygofree for Windows, and discover it extremely difficult, because all the surveillance is made unnoticed.

In “Kaspersky Lab” noted that all of the victims of the virus, the devices which failed to find traces of the malware, live in Italy. Analysts believe that the development of rare Trajan engaged the Italian company specializing in the production of equipment for surveillance.

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