In Russia tested a ballistic missile “Topol”

Mikhail Voskresensky

/ RIA Novosti

Moscow, September 26 – AIF-Moscow.

The defense Ministry conducted a test of Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-12M “Topol”, reports the press service of the Ministry.

The weapon of retaliation. As “poplar” preserved the independence of Russia

The start was made from the Russian test site “Kapustin Yar”. The object hit the target on the ground “Sary-Shagan” in Kazakhstan. It is noted that the priority was to test the combat equipment of this type of missiles, which the Department believes is promising.

During the test, the participants received information about the parameters of the target environment, which formed the combat equipment of missiles in overcoming the missile defense.

It is noted that in the future this information will be used to create effective means to overcome missile defense.

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