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What can be hidden under the skirt

“If you are aware of some flaws you can hide them under a long skirt with soft pleats or even pleated, which are now also relevant.”

(“AiF” № 10)

“That was a little easier to live.” Who what is recognized as “AIF” in the Millennium

Why not pay for Fyodor

“The German Federal Minister for family Affairs, the elderly expressed its willingness as a sign of friendship to Russia from his personal pocket to pay the debt by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The writer stopped coming to Wiesbaden, the most expensive hotel “Nassauer Hof”, and the last time was lost so that he was forced to escape secretly.

However, the owner of the “Nassauer Hof” firmly rejected the proposal of the Minister. If the debts Dostoevsky will pay – what are they going to tell?! The hotel is actually deprived of such sights!”

(“AiF” № 9)


Why do the rich throw dust in the eyes

“Respectable ladies in Europe choose the tone for the autumn dust. And so beloved, we have “bright blonde” paint cleaners that are respectable ladies.”

(“AiF” № 9-10)


Which looked Armen Borisovich

Actor Armen Jigarkhanyan is ideal women:

– I’m always looking at the woman “behind the facade”. And many get hung up on appearance. But to beauty as to ugliness, you get used to it… Yes, of course, men love temperamental women. But do not confuse temperament with something other.”

(“AiF” № 10)

A mistress, a nurse, a wife. The story of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and his young wife

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