Judo world Championships: Kuzyutina and pulyaev not changed their medals

Natalia Kuzyutina and Mikhail pulyaev climbed the world Cup podium for the third time in his career. Now Kuzyutina – three bronze and pulyaev – three times Vice-champion of the world. An enviable stability, which is both dream have to reverse on to the next world Cup.

photo: Marina Mayorova
Natalia Kuzyutina.

“The bronze medal, it seems, has not brought you joy?” – asked Natalia Kuzyutina a year ago, when in Rio, she won first in twelve years an Olympic medal in the Russian judo (weight category up to 52 kg). The answer was straightforward: “If I can win gold, why should be glad the bronze?”.

After the Olympic games Ezio Gamba was released, of course, on vacation, but, as Natalia says, warned that the vacation will be short-lived, not to relax. Talking about it in Budapest, Natasha commented: “Nobody in the world don’t stand still, all progress and grow. If we stay too long, nothing good will come”.

That didn’t sit up. And in Budapest on the first after the Olympic games the world championship, she went for the gold. And again speaks of this directly. And had to fight with Olympic champion Malindi, Kelmendi Kelmendi… But remained in Budapest in General without medals, and the title of world champion she took the Japanese AI Sisim. And Natalia and lost on the way to the finals just the Japanese. Again bronze. For the third bronze medal of the world championship, both in 2010 and in 2014.

“I made a mistake. Well met with the Sisim in the semifinals, but at some point stopped and allowed the opponent to attack themselves. I want gold, victory is so close, I feel that I go to her. And I know that I can be the first. Something does not yet allow you to climb the first step. But I know that will rise. And in the next world Cup will be even angrier. Tired of being third, I want to be first.”

Exactly Natasha is the leader of the whole women’s team. The most decorated, the most experienced. And worried not only for my results. “I want to not only I in the team was a leader to each of our athlete showed a decent fight and won. Ready to help, than can. We are not weaker than the Japanese, but still a bit lacking in terms of psychology. Today girls begin to unfold, we have talented athletes. I’m sure that at the next European and world Championships will be more medals.”

…And later this evening Mikhail pulyaev in the battle for gold in the weight category up to 66 kilograms lost to the Japanese, Hifumi Abe. And upset, too. And worried that the fate of why it is doing this to him for the third time in a row at the world Championships. Here I attached the prefix “Vice” such beckoning, the word “champion” in 2014, then in 2015! While Budapest has decided not to change anything.

“It’s a shame, I’m always so close to gold at the world Championships. I want to have to stop this tradition. Although, maybe now I have the largest collection of silver medals, three silver streak at the world Championships is stability. Current, you say, stands because at the beginning of the Olympic cycle? Well, of course, but the gold… I went all out in the battle for reaching the final and decisive game of forces is not enough. The Japanese leaders of world judo with them it is always hard to fight. I was sure that Abe will go to the final of Budapest on the other side of the net. He beat me in the “classics” capture”.

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