“Krushelnitsky twice passed a polygraph test”

More than two months have passed since the most painful history for the Russian team at the Olympic games in Korea. The Federation of Russian Curling your in trouble: all this time, the Commission, headed by former coach of our national team Yury Andrianov, looking for the rehabilitation of our player, which, in the opinion of the majority of our citizens (as shown by the February survey), was the victim of someone’s malicious intent.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The President of cosmonautics Federation of Russia Dmitry Svishchev before went to the office of the International Federation of Curling. In our Kingdom rock and ice all open and transparent manner, it cannot be otherwise.

— Based on your words, the Federation has no hope to return Olympic medal to our pair?

— Proceed from realities and facts. Unfortunately, we are unable to find the perpetrators. Hands we do not lose heart. But there is one problem: limited time. Just came from a meeting with lawyers. We collect all the data, all the facts that were able to verify 100 percent. I’m gonna report it to international authorities of Curling. Alas, specific customers and performers, we have not yet identified.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In addition to physical evidence, there are also helper methods…

The Commission works. There is independent research on a polygraph. About 10 people passed it. This is not direct evidence of innocence, but Sasha krushelnitsky twice answered questions, so the car in both cases showed that our kerler not lying! We work with experts. First — Dutchman de Boer, a renowned expert on medicines, including on melidoniou. The second calvings, in fact, the author and developer of the drug. Both of us said in writing: single dose could have a positive impact on athletic performance. Point!

— Dmitry Alexandrovich, and exactly a single?

— The differences in the results of the samples suggests that this was an isolated reception. By mistake or by someone’s malicious intent — we are still hoping to find out. The problem at least mine and FKR — reduction of period of Ineligibility. While this term is not defined.

— Tennis player Maria Sharapova was serving a sentence of slightly more than a year. But she did not deny his guilt. What mercy can you hope?

Well, the perfect indulgence is zero. If optimistic approach to the issue, the year. Two at the most. Young guy, all sporting career ahead.

— Back to the question that kept asking my colleagues on the editorial Board. Where?

— Certainly not on Russian soil. And it may not reassure us. Because the last Russian sample was clean, and the next day Sasha and his partner and wife Anastasia Bryzgalova flew to Tokyo, and then began to prepare in Sapporo. In General, though this is unlikely, I do not exclude that Mildronate/Meldonium “pulled” from the adrenal glands or somewhere else a different drug. Many experts confidently declare that the drug may you live forever, hide in the darkness of your life. If you take American counterpart, everything will be fine, but it by the tail pull Meldonium of “bins Motherland”. Or it can contribute to a stressful situation, and you remember that no “passing” of the match Sasha and Nastya at the Olympic tournament was not.

— Why is the American counterpart to eat, and Soviet development under the ban?

— These drugs fully. A slightly different formula and mention in the book of prohibitions anymore. But they are identical in purpose and results! I’m sure in 2015 we were supposed to defend. Don’t know who that is, the relevant Ministry or some “restablece”. The drug is completely innocent. But since we’re in the international sport community, are forced to reckon with WADA, the more it makes no sense after a fight with their fists… Meet on Thursday with President of the international Federation Kate Caithness will report on the work done by us. Harsh punishment should not be. This life is contrary to logic.

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