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The economic crisis in Russia, turned with upside down traditional ideas about the rest. A by opening your wallet and tears, and chose to spend your holiday at home (such 47%) or at their summer cottage (29%). The sun and the beaches become too expensive. The flow of tourists to the Black sea has dropped significantly. But this does not prevent the local hoteliers to raise prices on their services. In 2017 their cost has increased on average 10-15%, which is several times more than consumer inflation. And then joined domestic savvy: increased medical tourism in the country.

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Calendar summer is in full swing, that said, out on the street, where all the Jun raging rains and hurricanes. But anyway, it’s time for vacation has come. Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze said that in the summer of 2017, the citizens of our country mainly will go to Sochi and Crimea, they lead to more bookings. Leaders in outbound tourism are Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Spain.

Where to go without a passport

However, foreign holiday is a lot of a few. More than 70% of Russian citizens still do not have a passport, according to the poll, “Levada-Center”. According to the same survey, 96% of respondents have never been in Cyprus, as many in the United Arab Emirates, 88% blockbuster Turkey, 81% of Russians have never in my life was not. According to Rosstat, the total number of tourist trips of Russian citizens abroad in 2016 fell by 8% compared to 2015 year — on-year to 31.7 million.

The upcoming tourist season in Russia, probably, will take place less rapidly than a year earlier, confirms Ivan kapustyasky, analyst of Forex Optimum. “This is due to two main reasons. The first is the restoration of communication with Turkey, which already has begun to delay the flow of tourists from the local resorts. The second is the relative stabilization of the exchange rate. The part of the Russians began to move from a savings mode to increase spending, including on travel abroad”, — he said.

It is mainly on the citizens of our country that issued a passport. There are not many (only 30%), and most of them live in the cities. According to research VTSIOM, to leave Russia on summer break expect only 6% of respondents, which is about three times less than in the previous year.

By the way, the average cost of foreign holidays in the month of June 2017 is between 35 to 45 thousand virtually any per person per week, says the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

The sun in the garden

Most interesting is that, despite the outright price dumping Ankara, to entice all the “Russo turisto” to her she will still fail. Research poll showed that almost half of citizens (47%) planning to spend summer vacation at home, while 10% expressed a preference for tourist trips to Russia. Blame the high cost of outbound travelers. Economic crisis, like it or not, Russia has not yet ended, and the financial situation of most citizens to this day leaves much to be desired. The continuing decline in real incomes and the change rate of the ruble seriously affect the tourist flow. And although the dollar in recent months has declined, overseas resorts continued to remain inaccessible for the majority, noted mark Goikhman, a leading analyst GK TeleTrade. “According to polls, in 2017, a third of Russians prefer domestic tourism, he said. — Prices of tours this year, unfortunately, has risen significantly — on average by 10-15%, which is several times higher than General consumer inflation”.

Almost a third (29%) of respondents, according to the poll, go weed the garden plots. This does not surprise experts on tourism Professor of the Ranepa Galina Dekhtyar: “a Sense of the owner, farmer and gardener is present in a very large number of Russians. They refuse to go to the sun, the sea, and instead go to the cottage and to bed”. According to the expert, many would-be vacationers could lose the desire to travel, only once looking at the level of service and prices offered by our resorts.

Ambush resort

Surprises that gave summer weather the inhabitants of Russia, very unpleasant. The demand for leisure and in the sunlight has increased significantly, but despite this, the beginning of the season for resorts in the South of the country opened with a Frank failure. It seems that hoteliers focus only on optimistic reports of the government about the exit from the crisis and shamelessly bullied the value of their services. “Prices are higher than last year, the dynamics of the tourist flow decreased, no excessive demand as a year ago,” said Maya Lomidze.

But if specifically about the decline in the country, only in Sochi since the beginning of summer 2017 the number of tourists has decreased on average by 30% compared to the same period last year, reported the press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina. According to her, tourists who in the summer of last year because of the closed resorts of Turkey went to Sochi, now can not go back. They don’t want to pay for a room in a crowded hotel and “rest” on the beaches where the crowds are thickest.

Of course, the cost of services provided by Russian resorts, has failed to meet their quality, says Galina Dekhtyar. People already know how they can serve abroad, so have become more demanding. But the desire of tourists do not always coincide with their financial resources.

In addition to the discrepancy between the price and quality in our health centers there are other significant disadvantages. “In Sochi the climate is very moist and unsuitable, say, for asthmatics and Allergy sufferers. The climate of the Crimea is much better, but there is a significant negative — the lack of quality of accommodation and the high cost,” says Dekhtyar. Negative factors also include the prohibition of travelers to drive their cars. “If a tourist came to and located at a distance closer than 500 meters from the sea, setting up a tent or a motorhome, he may be fined”, — said the interlocutor of “MK”.

In the result the number of tourists to the Crimean resorts has also fallen in comparison with last year. The Ministry of resorts and tourism of the Peninsula said that the number of people rested in the Crimea in January—may 2017, fell by 0.3% to 807,6 thousand.

Ivan kapustyasky said, who is going to Sochi and the Crimea, in spite of all these disadvantages. “In these places has long formed the number of tourists from the categories of citizens who for various reasons are unable to leave the country. In particular, these include employees of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation”, — he concluded.

Crisis trends

“Given what is going on with nature, to leave the cities of the Central part of the country the sun and the sea I want literally everything, — says Galina Dekhtyar. — The prospect at the end of June to go in leather jackets few people happy. You can go to Antarctica, and there is the same degree as now in Moscow.”

Perhaps that is why industry experts have fixed increase in the inflow of travelers in the Eastern regions of Russia — in the Altai, on the Kuril Islands. However, according to Galina Dekhtyar, even if the percentage of our guests that for the summer holidays chose the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin, grew up, it is clearly not much: “the Cost of such tours is comparable to the cost of tickets to the sea and the beach.” So, for example, a sightseeing tour of the Golden ring of Russia and other such trips slowly but surely fade into the background.

Where to go to Russian tourists to leave after not to remain broke? Indeed, it is impossible to say that in 2017, in Russia there are new places of mass rest. But in the country there are vacationers who decide where to go, starting from the regional events. “Such occasional festivals, exhibitions and concerts primarily attract people who are close to their venue can be reached by car, which in itself will be cheaper than travelling by tour bus with accommodation”, — says Galina Dekhtyar.

Economic crisis leads to unusual trends: for example, growing domestic medical tourism. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg often go to the nearest area to where to buy dental services are significantly cheaper due to lower rent and salaries. “For example, not far from Moscow there are cities that are renowned for their graduates of dental departments of universities. And the prices in the regional dental offices by 40-50% lower than in hospitals and clinics. Dental tourism is far ahead, followed by cosmetology and plastic surgery”, — told “MK” the analyst of “ALOR Broker” Alexey Antonov.

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