Left the Chinese threat. Station “Tiangong-1” is not dropped on people’s heads

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The fall of the first orbital space station of China “Tiangong-1” (“heavenly Palace 1”) is passed without fatal consequences.

According to a report published on the website of the program of manned space flight, China (CMSE), the station entered the Earth’s atmosphere over the southern Pacific ocean, most of the wreckage of the “Tiangong-1” burned up in reentry. It happened around 3:15 Moscow time on 2 April 2018.

Over the Earth hung “Tiangong”. On whom will fall the Chinese station?

First Chinese: three ships, two expeditions

China’s first space station was launched from the Baikonur Jiuquan on 29 September 2011.

To the “Tiangong-1” attaches three spacecraft — “Shenzhou-8 and Shenzhou-9 and Shenzhou-10”. The first of them in October — November 2011 were used in unmanned mode for practicing the technologies of docking and undocking.

In June 2012, “Tiangong-1” took the first crew — taikonaut Jaipan Jing, Liu Yang and Liu Wang, who arrived at the station aboard the “Shenzhou-9”, has worked on Board for two weeks. Another two-week mission took place in June 2013, when aboard the station worked does Not, seasons Park hotel, Shaoguan Zhang and Wang yapin, arrived at the “Shenzhou-10”.

Work with the station in automatic mode lasted until March 2016, when it was terminated the connection.

Dangerous “Souvenirs”: as falling American Skylab and the Soviet “Salyut-7”

The information that “Tyangun-1” will descend from orbit in the unmanaged mode is to excite the world’s media with the end of 2017. Some predicted the catastrophe — the fall of the station at the metropolis with tens of thousands of victims.

Experience uncontrolled descents from orbit of such kind of objects in space is. In July 1979, the first American station “Skylab” was to fall into the ocean 1,300 km South of Cape town. However, American ballistics made a mistake in the calculations and part of the unburned fragments of the station fell to earth in Western Australia South of Perth. There were no casualties, and found pieces of “Skylab” is now on display in museums.

Save The “Salyut-7”. The true story of the heroism of Soviet cosmonauts

In February 1991, the Soviet station “Salyut-7” has fallen on South America. Flood debris in the ocean, as they did not allow the lack of fuel and collapsed in a crisis of the ability of the Soviet space program. All I’ve managed is to minimize the risk of falling pieces of the “Salyut-7” in densely populated areas.

As a result, more amount of debris was found on the territory of Chile and Argentina. Fortunately, death and destruction and in this case it was not.

“Peace” drowned “space “Gerasim”

In 2000, there were much talk around the upcoming deorbit the space station “Mir”. Given that it was much more “Salyut-7”, the world’s media began to predict a big disaster.

Famous couturier Paco Rabanne predicted that the Mir would fall on Paris, and was ready to go to the shelter, in order to avoid death.

The Soviet “Mir”. The story of The plant who survived the collapse of the USSR and a battering RAM in space

However, this time mixing with the orbit passed in a controlled manner, under the control of Russian specialists. The “World” was specially directed automatic cargo ship “Progress”, and received the ironic nickname “Gerasimos”. The station had to reduce from orbit using the engines of “Progress”. 23 March 2001, the Mir station entered the dense layers of the atmosphere and ceased to exist. Unburned fragments were sunk in non-navigational area of the Pacific ocean.

What is left in orbit?

Currently orbiting the Earth are the international space station (ISS) and the Chinese station “Tiangong-2”. In 2019 China intends to start construction in orbit of a multi-modular orbital station. Russian experts plan to create a national space station after ISS project. Roughly this can happen after 2024.

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