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Lev Landau is one of those perfectly describes the saying “apprentice”. He was born January 22, 1908 in Baku. Then, in the early twentieth century, Baku was growing by leaps and bounds. Rather, the oil in the end of XIX century there broke out a real oil boom. The father of Leo David Landau was known in the city a petroleum engineer. Mother Love harkavy-Landau even by today’s standards would be perceived as a person incredibly advanced — graduated from the Mogilev women’s gymnasium, then Helen the midwifery Institute and as the final chord — the Women’s medical Institute in St. Petersburg. The couple was actively involved in the research activities, published articles. So the Lion just had no other way but scientific. School in Baku, he graduated at the age of 13. On a family Council it was decided that serious in school to do it too early — let him learn to Baku economic technical school. Leo is not contradicted. But at the age of 14 was admitted to the Baku University, and two years later, in 1924 he transferred to the University of Leningrad in the physics Department. By age 19, he had published four scientific papers.

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The young scientist with his head immersed in the newest, then the field of science — quantum mechanics. Despite the fact that the country is slowly “freezing”, the lion was allowed to regularly travel abroad to meet outstanding scientists of that time, to work in the universities of England, Germany, and Switzerland. Soon he is in the top ten theoretical physicists in the world. Kharkov, where Landau moved to head of the Department of Kharkov University, becoming almost as good as the scientific capital of Soviet theoretical physics.

In 1937 at the invitation of Peter Kapitza , he went to Moscow to head the newly created Institute for physical problems. But instead of physics it would have to solve a much larger problem — how to stay alive, hitting the millstones of the NKVD. Landau, friends who have listed almost all the physics of the world, accused of anti-Soviet agitation. In prison he spent a year. He had been tortured. He was starving. From death he was saved all the same Kapitsa, reach to the highest Kremlin offices. From prison he was carried on hands.

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Next time from the death of his will have saved a whole brigade of the luminaries of world medicine. In 1962 Landau gets in a serious accident. Six weeks he remained between life and death. Six weeks he was on duty doctors from Canada, France, Czechoslovakia, USSR. Pulled. Although three months Dau (what was the name of his family) did not even recognize family members. Severe injury has not allowed him to survive the moment of greatest triumph, in 1962, he was unable to travel to Stockholm to receive the Nobel prize, awarded to him for “fundamental theory of condensation of matter, especially liquid helium”. He will live another 6 years, but to work and did not return. Apparently, all given to him by God for the insight he had already chosen.

Academician Lev Landau with his son Igor. 1962. Photo: RIA Novosti

“Solar people”

In addition to the reputation of a brilliant physicist Landau there also existed a strong reputation as a ladies ‘ man. Publicly about it, told his wife Concordia Drobantseva, which is usually called Bark. Or rather, not told, and described in the book “How we lived”. For a long time this book existed in the form of samizdat. And many reputable academics tried to destroy it so angered them described there. “I am the wife of the great physicist of the twentieth century, Lev Landau, wrote Concordia. Our story is similar to stories of many families in the era of the sexual revolution. The only difference is that Landau is a genius.

For 10 years I write about the happy and dramatic story. Write only the truth, the whole truth, write for themselves and don’t have the slightest hope that someday it will see the light. Dau was Sunny. But after his death left too many mysteries, secrets. To unravel the complex tangle of our lives, had to crawl into obscene detail, in the intimate aspects of our lives, hidden from the prying eyes and concealing so many abominations. But the charm, too.”

According to Bark, Landau did not tolerate chaos, neither in science nor in love. He had their own system of classification of belles (a Scientist! Theorist!). All women were divided into beautiful, pretty and interesting. There were two more classes: 4 — “parents Reprimand” and 5 “For repeating — shot”. He could throw two or four fingers showing class women. All the women he mastered on schedule. When he had a new girlfriend, she was allocated a certain day and hour, and no one could break that schedule.

He called himself krasivata. It was important for him that the woman was a good person and a divine figure. The creators of the film “My husband — the genius” of Lev Landau say that when a scientist went for a walk at a holiday village he looked carefully to all he met women. Examined first of all figure. And it was such a sight! It was a look that not only promised the woman a lot, but also seemed to lift her above the ground.

Lev Landau with his wife Concordia in the hospital. Photocopy. 1962. Photo: RIA Novosti

In a narrow circle of friends, he boasted that no woman had left him dissatisfied. And him possessing the clearest charisma ladies of all ages really idolized. Rumor has it that Landau had five vivid novels. They all happened in front of Cora — indeed, in 1934, when they met, the Dow made a beautiful Crust to conclude a “nonaggression Pact in marriage,” which, according to his idea, giving both spouses the freedom to novels on the side. That’s just used this freedom is only one of him. And in letters to the Cortex could write: “God, I love Hera! It requires that cared for her. And you know the Crust, as I don’t like it. It’s too long!”. He didn’t understand why all the courtship, beautiful words, poetry? If people are interesting, why waste time?

The first woman he has known quite late — at the age of 27, and it was the same Bark. She was nearby and in his last hours on this earth.

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