Lukashenko has accused Russia of selfishness: do not miss the Belarusian natural products

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday, April 24, made an appeal to the people and the National Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic. The public was expecting to hear the announcement of the impending amendments to the Constitution, but the leader of the country immediately denied these rumors. Moreover, Lukashenko spoke about “the egoistic behavior of Russia,” but said that “the Union with Russia has not lost its significance.”

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For a long time in the media discussed the version that Lukashenko intends to amend the country’s Constitution. However, the water of his speech, he placed all points over i, saying: “If someone expects that we will adopt a Constitution and create the foundations for independence and resistance, — not while I’m President. We are not up to the referendum. We need in this dangerous chaotic situation in the world to survive. We were not up to to raise a rebellion in the country.” Moreover, the President promised that would not change the foundations of the state under a separate identity. However, it is worth noting that Lukashenko in the main code of laws had already made a key change abolished the limit of presidential power that has allowed the incumbent running to remain in office since 1994.

In his speech Lukashenko also paid attention to the issues of world politics and Economics. However, his score was disappointing, “Confrontation start just rolls over,” – said the Belarusian leader. According to Lukashenka, trade wars are not only the US but Russia. “We are far beyond the examples do not have to walk. Take dairy, meat battles, a sugar that suits our partner by blocking access to Belarusian natural products on your market.”

“The interest of foreign media, which I clearly perceive as a political analyst, the President’s address prompted by the rumors that were spread by the politicians that supposedly the President should announce the revision of the Constitution transfer of some powers to Parliament. But Lukashenko himself never spoke out in favor of such decisions,” – says “MK” Director of the analytical center “the Actual Concept” Alexander Shpakovsky. However, it should be noted that special interest and political players. So, if the appeal is broadcast on radio stations, this time, Lukashenka”s address was shown live on several Belarusian channels.

“In addition, the head of state gave a fairly negative assessment of the desire of some Pro-Western politicians to the transformation of the Belarusian model. He said that it is not necessary to change the existing order, arguing that the example of Ukraine and Armenia, continues Shpakovsky. – As for foreign policy, Alexander Lukashenko stressed once again the importance of the Alliance with Russia and Eurasian integration. But in the speech there was also some disappointment”. The disappointment of the Belarusian leader touched upon the limitations that introduced the Rosselkhoznadzor on the import of meat and livestock products from Belarus. “According to Minsk these solutions are contrived in nature and due to the fact that a number of Russian officials lobbying for their business interests, using the administrative resource,” – says Alexander Shpakovsky.

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