McLaren and Rodchenkov was not going to take their charges back

People — mostly arranged (except for some philosophers) that put the picture of the world based not on facts and critical analysis, and their perceptions about the world. And therefore often ready to believe anything they want to believe.

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Richard McLaren.

Many media and users of social networks (and de facto of any promoted account Twitter-Facebook – already own the media) began on Thursday to actively exploit the words of the former Russian physician-scientist and a canadian lawyer, shifting them to everyone in his own way and interpreting as someone comfortable. Meanwhile, in these very words, few people have a grasp, but in vain: the devil you know, in detail.

So let’s do it. And immediately realize that no sensation is really there from the beginning and did not smell.

Let’s start with the fact that the quoted phrase was said in January – when the CAS (court of arbitration for Sport) in Switzerland, took so many enraptured the decision in favor of our athletes. And returned most of them with the medal of the Sochi Olympics. But for now, it’s finally time for them to officially saw the light of day.

And note that neither word nor pallavam Rodchenkov and McLaren have not mentioned (if you read carefully their performance, then yourself certainly noticed it): we say, misled. And especially said: “We have the whole world deceived.”

No, they are from a legal point of view perfectly answered clearly posed uncomfortable questions, which they just especially not before asked: “I do not see it… I can assume… so I thought… based on my sources…”

When some of the momentum taken out of context it may seem that McLaren and Rodchenkov included, as they say in such cases, the rear. But this is absolutely not true.

Therefore I assure you: nothing has changed, a new high-profile cases can be expected. For all that is possible (restoration of the Olympic Committee of Russia, the return of gold medals-2014 de jure Legkov and Co.) we have already received.

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