Media: the IOC will allow Russia to Olympics 2018 under the neutral flag

On the evening of Tuesday 5 December will be announced by the IOC decision on the participation of Russian athletes in the winter Olympics in 2018. As informs “the Soviet sports” with reference to sources in the international sports structures, Russia is likely to allow the Games, but only under a neutral flag. Russian athletes will not be able to show any paraphernalia, which could indicate, from which country they came from.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Vitaly Mutko at a farewell ceremony for the Russian national team at the Olympic Games in the temple of Christ the Savior in 2010.

The Russian team will not be able to use the flag, the anthem and the inscription “Russia” on the form and paraphernalia. The form will also be white. The report said that in the next two days, sports officials, IOC will be to hone the wording, but the essence will not change.

Now the question is how to interpret the concept of “neutral status” in team sports, e.g. Curling or hockey.

It is reported, a number of senior figures in world sport believe such a release of a reasonable compromise.

While it is not known about reaction of the management of the Russian sports. Whether Russia would agree to participate in the Game in neutral status. However, earlier Deputy Prime Minister on sport, tourism and youth policy Vitaly Mutko said that the decision, if made, is “humiliating for Russia.”

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