Medvedev predicted the disappearance of cryptocurrencies, but praised the blockchain

For the ninth time in the Russian public service Academy hosts the annual Gaidar forum, who has established a reputation as the “Russian Davos”: guests of the highest flight, and the topic set the economic agenda for the whole year. Usually on the forum talk about their everyday concerns: the best experts raise tough questions, politicians will not get out the answer. However, this time it’s different.

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Unlike previous years, the organizers of the Gaidar forum-2018 decided to move away from purely economic agenda and speculate more about hypothetical challenges and risks. Probably it is quite natural before the presidential election: we just don’t want to upset.

“There are things more important than economy”, the phrase “owner” of the Gaidar forum, the rector of Ranepa Vladimir Mau became the motto of what is happening.

Traditionally, the plenary speaker, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. This time it again with impatience waited, but he appeared only at the end of the meeting. The report of the Chairman of the government was similar, rather, to outline the futures of the novel: it was about artificial intelligence, and cyber threats and the robots will work instead of people.

The main idea of the speaker: the development of technological progress it is difficult to catch, while it irreversibly changes the world – the system of social values, labor market, Finance, and even crime. You need not to be left out of the era of high technologies, said Medvedev, otherwise the economy will suffer. The Prime Minister forgot to mention the fashionable topic of cryptocurrency: he believes that digital money may soon disappear, but the blockchain will remain and will naturally fit into our lives as the Internet, at the beginning of a development which inflated grandiose “bubble”, but then everything is settled.

“Economic life, like all of society, is changing. So, the main economic indicator – the GDP – is still important, but it should complement the other, for example, the indicator of distribution of wealth,” – said Medvedev. In General, his statement would have like Gorky with his famous phrase “Man – it sounds proudly” from the play “the lower depths”. The main value of the modern world (and even on this forum we are talking about values) – a man, says Medvedev, so in people and human capital need to invest and improve the system of education, health, standard of living.

Such an approach fully meets the global trends, it became clear from the expert discussion at the plenary session between the invited guests – prominent foreign politicians and scientists.

Chief Executive officer of the world Bank Kristalina Georgieva famously picked up this keynote and noted that the main factor of growth of the world economy will be the investment in human capital. “The world Bank report “World of Nations”, which will soon be presented, we calculated how much of the volume of global capital human capital: 65% of the Nations wealth is people”, – said the guest of the forum.

The message of the head of the Russian Cabinet did not remain without attention of his subordinates. Carefully listening to the speech of the Prime Minister Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets on the sidelines of the forum stated that the main focus of socio-economic policy of Russia will be education and health, as well as the incomes, the growth of which the government promises to take care of. For example, according to Golodets, the authorities plan to support the poor is to give them tax breaks.

Perhaps the main metaphor of the plenary session was told by a scientist from Vienna Ivan Krastev parable about a blind girl, with one eye looking to the future and the other in the past. “When it came to marriage the groom, she saw his childhood and old age, but not how he looks now. Similarly, the world economy is in a blind zone,” impressed the audience with her beautiful story of a scientist.

About pressing issues stuck between the past and the future of the Russian economy at the forum spoke at the Ministerial level. The discussion on the efficiency of budget expenditures in the system of public administration was held by the Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova and the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

Golikova, which is perceived almost as a criticism of the chief Executive, was in his repertoire. She talked about the need to reform the management bodies, the redistribution of powers between the Federal and regional centres, optimising the number of civil servants, as the existing model carries only the costs for the budget.

One of the proposals of the Rapporteur is to combine all three into a single extrabudgetary Fund of social insurance, compulsory insurance and Pension Fund. The burden of the insurance of non-working population to move from the regional budgets on the Federal. “Regions spend 630 billion a year,” – added Siluanov Golikova, however, announcements for specific positions of the Ministry of Finance on this issue denied, saying that still need to calculate everything.

Note, insurance is not officially working population and the self-employed in the last debate, and the fact that it touched at the Gaidar forum, significant. But, in addition to the unemployed in our country a huge number of working people and pensioners who also wonder what to expect. However, there are doubts that before the presidential elections of officials, under which burn the chairs in the new government, want to talk about the problems.

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