Millionaire Sobchak cheated CEC, hiding Bank accounts

Television presenter and socialite Ksenia Sobchak, who declared his presidential ambitions, which has already been officially registered as a candidate for the highest office in the country, tried to deceive the Central election Commission by giving false information about their income. Thus, the CEC during the audit Sobchak found two Bank accounts, which is approximately 391 thousand virtually any. Seems very strange that if you earned over the last six years 403 million 855 thousand virtually any, which the opposition “candidate against all” officially declared, Sobchak tried to hide from the state, some pathetic, in its standards, hundreds of thousands of virtually any.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The CEC of Russia on Thursday, February 8, after the registration Sobchak candidate in the presidential elections in March 2018, announced the relevant data about the income of a socialite. Along with them published, and one more compromising Sobchak document – on the revealed facts of unauthenticity of this information, reports RIA “Novosti”.

So, in addition to the Sobchak 28 Bank accounts, which are in total about 417 million virtually any, information was discovered about the two accounts in Sberbank, one of which “lost” about 221 thousand virtually any, the second – about 170 thousand virtually any. These data were provided to the CEC by the lending institution.

Thursday Sobchak gave to the CEC a Declaration of income, under which the “honest labor” has earned over the past six years 403 million 855 thousand virtually any. This salary at the radio station “Silver rain” and TV channel “Rain”, as well as various fees, revenues from investments, securities, business projects and sales of property.

Sobchak Also has two apartments in Moscow and 268,1 74,4 square meters, and the share in 1/3 of the apartments of 245.7 square metres in the Northern capital. She has a plot in the Moscow region in 297 square meters and building area 353,7 square meters.

As for the car, then Sobchak recorded the Bentley Continental GT Speed 2008 release.

The income of her husband Maxim Vitorgan during the same time amounted to little more than 10 million virtually any.

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