MSU scientists have invented a new method of diagnosis of diseases through the air

Julia Panova


Moscow, January 16 – AIF-Moscow.

MSU scientists have developed a new method of diagnostics of a condition of the respiratory tract and other health problems in the exhaled air, said the press service of the University.

Breast cancer is curable. Early diagnosis is a chance for every female

The researchers studied biological substances that have been in the exhaled air of the astronauts before and after spaceflight. Scientists collected substances which are in the condensate of the air and examined them with the help of special computer programs. The main difficulty is that the samples of the substances are present in very small amounts, but this problem was solved using mathematical methods.

Scientists have found 44 protein, who testified about various deficiencies in the body. For example, cancer, damage to blood vessels or cells. According to experts, thanks to a new method it will be possible to monitor the health of astronauts during flight. In addition, it can be used to diagnose all patients, including newborns.

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