NBC called the new likely involved in “Russian Affairs”

Spectacular can indict a former Advisor to Donald trump, Michael Flynn and his son, Michael Flynn, Jr. The latter can use to Flynn Sr. was cooperating with the investigation

Michael Flynn with his son

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Federal investigators have collected enough evidence to indict former US presidential Advisor Donald trump on national security, Michael Flynn in the framework of the “Russian cause”. In addition, charges may be brought against the son of Flynn. This is with reference to sources familiar with the investigation, according to NBC.

Michael Flynn was sacked 24 days after beginning work in February 2017, due to the fact that the Vice-President of the US wrong information about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador in the United States. He was one of the first close trump, came under suspicion of spectacular Robert Mueller is investigating the possible intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election.

Mueller has increased the pressure on Flynn, after the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort was placed under house arrest in the same case, three sources said NBC. A team of spectacular interview witnesses to gather more information about Flynn’s lobbying work, particularly figuring out whether he is involved in money laundering and lied to FBI agents during interrogation. Spectacular also interested in Flynn’s lobbying in favor of Turkey, known with Mar 2017.

Conspiracy of Manafort: what accuse the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump


The son of former adviser to trump, too, Michael, worked with his father during the elections of the President of the United States. He can also bring charges, said three sources NBC. And if Flynn Sr. will agree to cooperate with the investigation to help his son, it will affect his fate, according to sources of the TV channel.

In late October, the head of staff of Donald trump manufactu the Floor and his business partner Richard gates was indicted on 12 counts in connection with the violation of us laws work in the interests of the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Both were lobbyists, ignoring the agents of the Ukrainian government. The profit they legalized offshore. Manafort and gates was placed under house arrest.

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