NBC found out about the new financial linkages to the former head of headquarters of the trump Deripaska

NBC News found a previously unknown financial ties to the former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump Paul Manafort with the oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The total volume of transactions policy and the businessman is now estimated at $60 million

Oleg Deripaska

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Associated with former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump Paul Manafort company Yiakora Ventures Ltd. received $26 million in the form of a loan from “close to the Kremlin,” the Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska (is the 23rd place in the ranking of 200 richest businessmen of Russia in the ranking of Forbes). This writes NBC News with reference to the disclosures of transactions on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

American television found that this amount was transferred from owned by Deripaska Oguster Management Ltd. (registered in the British virgin Islands. — RBC) on account Yiakora Ventures Ltd., which, as the Cypriot financial documents “connected with many interests of Manafort on the island (of Cyprus. — RBC)”.

NBC conducted the analysis of the documents also confirmed the loan of $7 million from Oguster Management Ltd. another related Manafort firm — LOAV Advisers Ltd., which wrote The New York Times in mid-July. The loan was unsecured, ie the borrower is given the amount of without any guarantors or collateral.

The channel indicates that a loan of $7 million had no specific date of repayment, the loan of $26 million, in turn, was qualified as “payable on demand”. It does not specify whether there was in fact paid any amount.

NBC also learned of the third tranche for the sum about $27 million, which was sent to the third related Manafort company registered in American state Delaware. The channel indicates that we are talking about Jesand firm LLC which was used to purchase an expensive condominium for $2.5 million in new York in 2007. Then the acquired property was used as collateral for a separate loan of $1 million.

Went to contact: with any of the Russians and how are the members of the team trump


NBC interviewed lawyers specializing in money laundering, said that these loans are not normal and warrant further investigation. According to a former Federal Prosecutor Stephen Casselli, if the transaction is not specified the repayment terms, if one of the parties has no intention to repay the loan, then this is not a loan, and the transfer of funds. “Money launderers often disguise the payments under the loans,” he explained.

Deripaska”s representatives have not provided television commentary. Press Secretary Manafort Jason Maloney refused to comment on the new loan, but assured that the former head of staff of the us President “is not obliged to nothing today his former clients and was not required at that time, when I started working on trump”. Later, the representative of Manafort rephrase your response, sending a channel the following statement:

“In recent news reports, Mr. Manafort referred to in those moments when he was not working for trump, and after he left the campaign. He urged the US government to release information about his links with non-us citizens in the hope of finally putting an end to these wild conspiracy theories. Mr. Manafort was not in cahoots with the Russian government.”

So, according to NBC News, the total amount of transactions between Manafort and Deripaska over the last ten years, reaching $60 million.

In March, the Associated Press reported that the American politician and the Russian oligarch has commercial ties with each other. According to the Agency, a former adviser to trump worked for Deripaska in order to promote Russian interests. Billionaire and former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump collaborated from 2006 to 2009: Manafort signed with Deripaska business contract with an annual payment of $10 million, and prior to that, he created a “strategic plan” beneficial to the Russian President.

AP spoke about the fees the ex-adviser to trump from Oleg Deripaska


The representative of RBC contacts confirmed Deripaska Russian billionaire with Manufactum, but was assured that he had only “Advisory services of an investment nature” associated with the business interests of businessman. Deripaska called the information the AP “malicious lie” and filed on the Agency to court, demanding $75 million for libel.

The WSJ linked the projects former adviser to trump Deripaska and Russia’s interests


In late August, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the three projects of the company former adviser to trump in Georgia, in Ukraine and in Montenegro was conducted “in the political interests of Russia” and was associated with Oleg Deripaska and his entourage.

The governments of the two countries as the White house and the Kremlin ties between Deripaska and Monforton deny. The U. S. Congress investigates possible links to the administration trump with Moscow.

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