NHL: why is “Washington” Ovechkin knocked out of the Stanley Cup, “Columbus” Panarin

We present the most interesting events of the first round of the hockey Stanley Cup in 2017/18. Further passed the “Washington capitals”, “Nashville Predators”, “Pittsburgh penguins”, “Winnipeg jets”, “San Jose sharks”, “Tampa Bay lightning”, “Boston Bruins” and finally “Vegas Golden knights”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“Columbus blue Jackets” – “Washington capitals” (account in a series – 2:4)

All “capitals” at the very least advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup. The team have kept Alexander Ovechkin is a promise: return the series to their hearth and home, and then took the money in game No. 6 and advanced to the next stage.

And there already the third time in a row waiting for a long-standing irritant “capitals” “Pittsburgh penguins”.

But if the captain of the capital fulfilled his promise, the words of coach John Tortorella that his team will be back in Washington, the reality did not. Columbus lost on Monday at Nationwide Arena – 3:6, losing their eighth home match of the playoffs of the last ten.

Columbus looked in this confrontation is extremely worthy. The team showed real character and that is able to draw the right conclusions from past failures. But unfortunately, after a strong start of the series the team leaders quietly began to take.

For example, Artemy Panarin last three games left the pitch without points. Moreover, the final meeting of the “bread” ended with the figure utility “minus 3”. This, however, was the result of an injury Panarin, as far as “MK”. And goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, of which we so praised throughout the regular season, did not show the game the proper level.

Rival, in turn, did not forgive such indulgences and for the first time since 2009, won the series, in which he conceded – 0:2.

The leaders of the “Washington” was added from game to game – and it paid off. Alexander Ovechkin with a difference of five minutes scored twice in the sixth game, which has become an unattainable point for the owners of Nationwide Arena. And now the team will once again take my chances in confrontation with the current holder of the Stanley Cup.

2) “Colorado avalanche” – “Nashville Predators” (account in a series – 2:4)

“Predators” jumped to the second round of the playoffs once in the match No. 6 team confidently beat the “avalanche” – 5:0.

That meeting marked the 40th victory for Pekka Rinne in the playoffs. The Finn managed to beat Nikolai Khabibulin for this indicator and share 26th place with Gump Worsley.

To be honest, I want to say a big thank you to the “avalanche”. They’re really great: done in one year leap from the basement of the standings to the club level of the playoffs is worth it. It needs a separate round of applause to the General Manager David swipes for his competent work before the season and during it.

But thank you “the avalanches” I want to, rather, because they woke the “Predators”. Forced to remember them – started Cup matches and it is time to start to act to the best of their ability. And then on top there was a feeling that the team of Peter Laviolette play in a sparing mode, if the next stage is already in your pocket and you can relax.

But in the last game, we saw again the team that rightfully won the “President trophy” and is one of the main contenders for the coveted trophy. So now for a series “Predators” – jets can be calm – it will be a battle between two big teams in the juice.

3) “Philadelphia” – “Pittsburgh penguins” (online account – 2:4)

Confrontation “Flyers” – “penguins” took place in the mode of direct “knockout”. Each team thought it necessary not simply to beat your opponent, and be sure to make it big. Hence, such accounts – 7:0, 5:1, 5:0. Especially in this shootout succeed, “Pittsburgh”, which last Sunday had qualified to the second round, beating the black and orange in the Wells Fargo Center arena – 8:5.

Jake Guentzel scored a poker that allows the player to become the third hockey player in the NHL who threw four goals in the match the playoffs in a row, “pens” was able to win its ninth series of the playoffs in a row and now in the next round will meet with the Washington capitals.

To sum up this duel, then you can definitely say that the top took a team with more quality players. After all, when you’re playing outdoor hockey, mastery comes to the fore. While “penguins” in addition to great players for another great experience and teamwork, accordingly they go next.

4) Minnesota wild – “Winnipeg jets” (series score – 1:4)

“The Winnipeg jets” outplayed at home in game 5 “Minnesota wild” – 5:0 for the first time in its history won a series in the playoffs and now goes on. And then “pilots” already waiting “Nashville Predators”.

In game 5 the players the jets literally 12 minutes resolved all the issues, leaving the opponent behind the Cup competitions. At 31 seconds the account was opened, and then everything went by itself.

Great speed, good implementation and reliable game of the goalkeeper Connor Hellabama become the hallmark of canadian club. Guardian of the gates of jets became the third goalkeeper from the US who managed to concede two games in a row in the playoffs.

The team for the first time since 1987, goes further in play-offs, but in the modern history of the franchise, “Thrashers/ jets” such joy does not happen. So now in Winnipeg, there is an unprecedented buzz around their hockey team, so support and in the next round will be at the highest level.

5) “San Jose sharks” – “Anaheim ducks” (account in a series 4:0)

Well, let’s say a few words about the series “sharks” – “DAX”. Why a couple? But because of the struggle and intrigue as such was not here at all. “Anaheim” quite suddenly became the weakest team in the playoffs and really was not able to demonstrate even the illusion of a struggle.

“San Jose” in turn won on the class of each of the four fights and calmly prepared last week to meet with “the Golden knights”, which will take place tonight.

Ironically, a future opponent in the second round, too, put their series in four games.

6) “new Jersey devils” – “Tampa Bay lightning” (series score – 1:4)

Last Friday’s “Tampa Bay lightning” in the meeting No. 5 concluded the series with “new Jersey Devils”, beating the rival – 3:1. In the second round, “lightning” will play pretty exhausted “Boston Bruins”.

That club Florida the favorite in this pair, no doubt about it initially. And the question is – who will be next? – also was not raised. If anyone had objections after the game No. 3 in which “devils” suddenly took up the last two games has put everything in its place.

Using aggressive tactics FORTECA, players “Zenith” has forced his opponent a lot of mistakes and make deletion. It all led to the fact that “devils” more than half of the meetings held in the minority than the team of John Cooper did not fail to take advantage.

As a result – 4:1 in the series. Andrey Vasilevskiy, has reflected 26 throws, became the first star of the match. And Mikhail Sergachev – the youngest player in club history to score in the playoffs (19 years and 300 days).

7) “Toronto maple Leaves” – “Boston Bruins” (the account in a series – 3:4)

This series has become the longest among all in the first round. “Boston” started for the health, defeating his opponent in the first two meetings with a total score of 12:3 and it seemed that all goes to the fact that the bears shutout the complete series.

This, of course, did not happen. Head coach “Toronto” Mike Babcock was pretty shook up his players, so much so that the initiative passed into the hands of “Livz”. bringing them to the 7th game at TD Garden.

However, anything good this meeting for the “leaves” are not ended. The final victory of “Boston” (7:4) allowed the team to Bruce Cassidy for the first time in 2014 to climb above the first round.

Earlier, the Bruins have won 14 games # 7 of 26. “Maple Livz”, in turn, have won only one series out of 16, during which we were behind. As a result, “Boston” goes further with the idea that it is waiting for “Tampa”. And Toronto goes on a holiday.


“Vegas Golden Knights” – “Los Angeles Kings” – 4:0. The Golden knights defeated the “Kings” already in 4 matches – about this couple “MK” managed to tell in the last review a week ago.

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