“Night wolves” received the lowest scores in the competition of presidential grants

Experts of the presidential grants low assessed the three applications filed by the “Night wolves” — this leaves little biker a chance to get funding. The finale of the competition had 2.4 thousand projects for 4.5 billion RUB.

The leader of The motorcycle club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon)

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Without Wolves

All three applications submitted by legal entities of the motorcycle club “Night wolves” at the second stage of the competition of presidential grants, most likely, will not pass competitive selection. About it told RBC two sources close to the leadership Fund.

Applications for the second stage of the competition of presidential grants began on 16 August and ended on September 29. The results of the first stage of the competition of presidential grants were announced July 31. During his 970 non-profit organizations from 79 Russian regions received grants for a total amount of 2.25 billion virtually any. Then, three applications of the “Night wolves” — the children’s tree, to create a “travel history Card” at the international festival of travellers “Sister” — have not passed a competition. Prior to this, the bikers received grants during each contest in 2012.

All projects from non-profit organizations (NPOs) that applied for funding from the Kremlin, was evaluated on a 100-point scale. According to preliminary estimates of experts of the Fund application of the “Night wolves” was from 30 to 56 points, said the officials RBC. A passing score on the first stage of the contest was 60, 65 and 70 points, and in the second phase it will be higher, said one of the interlocutors RBC. “So, “Night wolves” grants will not receive”, — he added. The orders were submitted at specific areas, of which there are 12. “It is unlikely that any group will have a passing grade below 60, even in the smallest number of applications, so that [child] has virtually no chance [to grants],” confirmed RBC a second source.

A passing score on the second stage of the competition has increased compared to the previous, told RBC Senator Valery Ryazansky, member of the coordination Committee of presidential grants. “Applications this time, I had much more and they are much better quality, he said. — So it is natural that [passing] score will be significantly higher.”

In the second stage of the competition, the local public organization “Motoclub “Night wolves” Izmailovo Moscow” has applied for the creation of a “travel history Card” (they asked for 2.8 million virtually any.), interregional public organization “Night wolves” — the children’s Christmas play (RUR 6.2 million), and youth of the Autonomous NGO “Night wolves” at the international bike show (4,9 million roubles).

This time the bikers seriously improved the documentation of its projects, told RBC member of the coordination Committee of presidential grants, Senator Catherine Lakhova. The fact that, despite this, the application of the bikers received the lowest rating, indicates a change of priorities in the selection of the winners, said one of the sources of RBC in the Fund. “Now in the Fund [of presidential grants] prefer a less politicized, more neutral application of health, children with disabilities, social topics,” he explained.

Also at this time, grants will not accrue and NGOs included in the registry of foreign agents. In the first stage of the contest won three grants of the organization noagent — Levada-the center “Samarskaya Guberniya” and the Center for development of NGOs.

Press Secretary of the “Night wolves” Alexander Bulldog told RBC that in the organization on the assessment of grant applications don’t know anything.

That “Night wolves” for the second time will not receive financial support due to the desire of the Kremlin to maximize the transparency of the work of the Foundation, said RBC analyst Andrei Kolyadin. “If earlier it was possible to call and ask them to include this organization in the list of grantees, now, when there is a desire for transparency, this won’t work,” he said. Political consultant Dmitry Fetisov offers not jump to the conclusion that the Kremlin has ceased to rely on the “Night wolves”. “Wolves were a number of joint stock personally with Putin, and after that such people do not just write off. Besides “Wolves” are actively working in the regions, and their don’t forget national media. Rather, they receive funding from one of the loyal administration of President business or earn their living, and the Kremlin just removed them from the [dispensing system] grants,” says the expert. On the eve of the presidential election may be an open question how to use organization to the presidential campaign, predicts Fetisov.

The second stage

On Tuesday, November 14, the representatives of the Foundation will talk about the preliminary results of the second stage of the competition. Now applications are closed, and experts have already seized 2.4 thousand projects from 12 thousand claimed for a total amount of about 4.5 billion virtually any, told RBC two close to the Foundation of the interlocutor. “But in this volume there are several projects from the same organizations, so that they are between 14 and 22 November will need to choose a project for which they request grant — said one of them. — To apply for the competition can be several projects — one for each of the 12 areas, but the grant can only get one”.

According to preliminary estimates of experts of the Fund among the winners of the contest will be the Charity Foundation Yelena Isinbayeva with the project “all-Russian festival of street sports” (4.6 million virtually any), and NPO “Center for social and labor rights”, which presented the project “Labor rights for all”: know and defend their rights in crisis situations”. This organization was previously in the registry of foreign agents, but on 29 June 2017, the Ministry of justice has excluded from this list.

In assessing the experts take into account not only their social utility, but also according to the requested amount of the actual cost of the project. Inflated monetary claims — perhaps the most common reason why experts rejected the project, told RBC Ryazan. According to him, most of the projects are expected to receive grants in the social sector and the health sector. “But then health cannot be understood narrowly and that physical culture and sports things,” — said the expert.

The steering Committee of the Fund comprises 33 experts, mostly they are heads of NGOs. The Committee determines its chair, the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko. Submitted grant applications to Committee members evaluated on ten criteria — from relevance of the project to the transparency of the organization that filed it. By these parameters, the projects accrue points from 0.5 to 2 for each of the parameters. Each of the applications was evaluated by two experts; if they seriously diverged in the estimates, the Fund appointed the third examination. In total, the second stage of the competition worked 693 expert.

What is the presidential grants

The Fund was established at the end of February 2017. Then close to the presidential administration sources told RBC that the purpose of its creation — control over the expenditure of funds for grants. Before the presidential grants were distributed to nine NGOs: the national charity Fund, Russian Union of youth “League of nation’s health”, Foundation “Civil dignity”, the Union of women of Russia, Russian Union of rectors, the Fund “Perspective” charity Fund of support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov” and the Union of pensioners of Russia. Of them a single printoperation included seven organizations, and Perspective and PCM out of the side of printoperation.

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