Nikolishin: “this season rivals SKA and CSKA no”

In the KHL will start in the conference finals – the West and the East. The pair were respectively SKA (Saint Petersburg) – CSKA (Moscow) and “AK bars” (Kazan) – “the Tractor” (Chelyabinsk). Expert opinion on the matter with “MK” shared Andrey Nikolishin – the famous hockey player and coach, world champion in 1993, with whom we had previously met at a regular meeting of the club “Priceless League” to discuss hockey issues wider.

A frame from the video.

– SKA – CSKA – how predictable for you, the final of the West?

– Absolutely predictable. It was totally predictable, and really nothing about it I can’t.

– Of the players of those teams are almost 100 percent was made our national team at the Olympic games. It seems that the players were tired – and even so there could be problems with the advance of the army on the “grid”…

– No, what do you do? Both teams have a more than sufficient length of the bench. This season competitors at the army groups could not be. In principle.

– The quality of hockey in Pyeongchang, you understand, not impressed?

– If to speak about entertainment and quality of play – the tournament I did not like. Striking matches, sold out – because of this we expect from the Olympic games. And how many was that? On the one hand can be counted… By and large our have gone through all the rink.

– Why was not too confident of victory?

– Felt the burden of responsibility for the result.

– And that the same Germany we are much stronger?

If individual skill is without question. Remember the goals in the final, and everything will become clear. I’m still in the beginning of the Game said that we can only lose ourselves. Here’s a little and not lost. Apparently, it is a national trait, no problem can not – only when burned, which is then included in full.

We have almost all done for the Olympics. As the calendar of the KHL, and the composition of the SKA, for example. All for gold medals. And we conquered them! The winners are not judged – so don’t understand those who belittle their value. A stone fell from the soul just after all, how we won that gold…

– What can you say about the semi-finals of the Eastern conference?

– In opposition to the “AK Bars” and “Magnitogorsk” was Kazan’s favorite. Here is the account in a series 4:1 and is confirmed. Issues there was initially little. With regards to the “Tractor” and “Salavat” here, too, in General everything is predictable. Chelyabinsk look good due to the excellent goalkeeping brigade. As a person who worked, remember, in the “Tractor”, I hope they will be able to pass on.

– Now about the attendance: in the NHL it crashes…

Yes, people are not very actively goes – and I think it crashes due to level of play. People go on the show, the spectacle, the stars. Strap in the NHL goes down every year – and this is natural. Was Radulov in CSKA went to him, went to walk off. Only in SKA now there are stars, so they collect full stadium.

– Is there any way to keep the players in the NHL out of the NHL?

– No, it’s a natural process. Every player who is an important component of the sport, wants to play in the best League in the world. The NHL is better: service, infrastructure, salaries and conditions… So here’s the ocean at the matches come full stadiums.

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