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At the Filatov hospital patients provide medical assistance and physical and moral support. © /

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Today, this aspect of treatment – the relationship between doctor and patient, very attentive attitude to the patient – have begun to pay special attention to patientorientated became a new principle of operation of the health system. The waiting period for an appointment, awareness, patient, friendly communication with patients – there’s a lot of nuances, each of which affects the final result, doctors heal the patient.

His experience in this area shares the main doctor of the city clinical hospital № 15 named. Filatov Valery Vechorko.

The luxury of communication

– Valery Ivanovich, and that early doctors were nepatentovannoe?

I can’t say that patientorientated some new trend, we’ve tried to meet people halfway 20 or 30 years ago. And not only do we – any health care institution in Moscow has always tried to make the lives of patients, already complicated by the disease as comfortable as possible. Just now louder to talk about it, and the opportunities we had more. The main thing at all times – to be able to listen and hear their patients, to try to the extent possible and medical evidence to meet their desires.

Help “one”. The income of the doctor will depend on the health of patients

 Apart from the well-known wishes of any patient always want to be paid more than all the attention and treated as quickly as possible, patients must have some special requirements?

You just need to ask people what they want. In our hospital We conducted a survey of patients and visitors, and based on the answers find out what they need for a comfortable stay in hospitals and the techniques doctors. This, of course, is not easy, because we have 1400 beds in 50 branches, but still need to take into account all opinions.

For example, visiting sick relatives we ended at 19.00. A convenient time? Of course, convenient, but not for all because those who still have to go to the hospital to visit their loved ones, the time may not be enough. And when you consider that we are people not only from East County, you can imagine how difficult it is for some relatives to come here before seven o’clock. Therefore, we increased the time between visits, it now ends at 20.00. Moreover, we are planning some more extend.

And then you extend it, it’s so easy!

– Wrong, this is not so easy. Judge for yourself: an extra hour of communication with patients relatives is an increase of an hour a working day wardrobe, help Desk, security service.

Birds, coffee and tablets

– Patientorientated is a whole complex of measures aimed at something in order to protect the person from the situation of illness, anxiety, unhappiness. For example, what you noticed, just upon entering the lobby?

I smell good coffee and for some reason the birds sing.

Is seemingly nonsense, but they immediately set a person on a relaxed wave. And there simply there is a coffee machine and monitors broadcast images of wildlife. We have no smell of hospitals, and is immediately likable.

International standards. How to become a member of “Moscow doctor”?

Or here’s a moment: we were on the ambulance often bring patients who became ill in the street, – people involved in an accident or, for example, with acute myocardial. They are usually in serious condition. After the first aid person must be in something to change – not to put him in the hospital, often in intensive care, in a jacket or jeans! We decided to purchase disposable kit (t-shirt, Slippers, toothbrush and some other stuff), to not feel quite so uncomfortable, that he felt that care about him here. We are also patients from other cities of Russia, and, of course, no one is coming – after all relatives and friends far away. Moreover, among the hospitalized Muscovites have such relatives who can’t come regularly. For these patients we bought the tablets, so that man could communicate on Skype with your loved ones. Simply ask the nurse the tablet to connect to the Internet – and talk as much as you want. It’s like taking a book from the library – read to and fro. By the way, books have those too! We have declared among the employees of the campaign “Bring a book”, and colleagues shared their home libraries so that patients can read in their free time.

You want to protect. How to resolve a dispute of doctors and patients

Went to the movies?

– So, not a tablet one patient alive?

– Of course not, our patients even go to the movies! We have a nice meeting room where we hold consultations, conferences, meetings. But events are held, usually in the morning and in the afternoon, the hall is often not in demand. And we came up with the idea to arrange a session. Designed a movie poster and now on Wednesdays at 15.00, patients watch movies – usually, this kind and sincere tape. All of our patients, of course, the hall will not fit, but this is not necessary – for example, from intensive care to a movie will not go, mothers are also unlikely to be in the movie going. He is a walking sick with pleasure. Play a significant role in living conditions. We try to create comfort: most of our double and triple chamber air-conditioning in every Department there are relaxing areas with sofas and a TV. Food on system “all inclusive”: the patient receives a tray with a fully served hot meal. In short, we are trying to make people comfortable with us as you can get in a medical facility.

But we think not only about patients but also about our team. Now the administration is collecting proposals from employees for improving their working conditions. Comfortable in the hospital should be for everyone – including the doctor, nurse, nurse. Then it all somehow back to the patient in a friendly relationship.

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