Oligarchs will pay for the reorganization of the Central Bank refusing to bail out the banks at their own expense

The Central Bank decided not to pull billions of dollars on his own shoulders the burden of responsibility for the health of the banking system and to share it with reorganized credit institutions. Or rather, with their owners. The regulator intends through court to recover costs and lost profits from the owners of troubled banks, as submitted to the Duma by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the draft amendments to the law “On bankruptcy”. Only in 2017, the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), which by decision of the Bank of Russia is reorganized management in organizations is spent on the recovery of more than 1.8 trillion virtually any. 84 billion received from the government, and this money will have to return. All to “cure” banks of bad assets, the regulator has sent an impressive amount of virtually any 7 trillion, according to independent experts.

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The idea of the Central Bank, the amount of damages recoverable from bankers, will be determined on the basis of the key rate in effect at the time of the transfer of funds to sanitation — so if the Bank gave them for free or at a reduced rate. In other words, aim to reorganize the Bank means the Central Bank could be placed under the key rate and to provide some additional income, but because of the actions of the owners of the regulator lost profits.

As explained by the Deputy head of the Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev, to attract former owners of credit institutions to make reparation for the salvation of their banks, the regulator has decided to discover that often causes significant losses of distressed organizations were incorrect financial decisions of their owners. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia, the new measures will allow you to return the part spent on the reorganization of the funds, and the rest is obtained through the sale of credit institutions.

Experts appreciate the idea of introducing joint and several liability of owners, which led to the dire state of their banks economically justified and even timely. In 2017, after the reorganization of several major banks, ASV coffers were empty — as it turned out, the owners of some credit institutions themselves were asked about the improvement, but before that I tried to withdraw part of the assets. The current legislative innovation can have a positive impact on the banking system and contribute to more responsible owners to spend funds, analysts say the banking sector. In their view, the threat to answer with rouble for their mistakes will help to make bankers more disciplined — though not yet entirely clear how the court will be prosecuted through criminal or civil law.

“While the procedure is not spelled out, but the initiative itself is quite reasonable, — said the Deputy of the Banking Institute of HSE Alexander Pushko in an interview with “MK”. — It is obvious that now the bankers often don’t put enough effort to preserve such a fragile structure as the Bank. At the risk of their assets, the accounts can be seized for compensation of losses, they will become careful. Of course, it is curious why the head of the Central Bank had not come up with this sensible idea. Believe that the regulator has accumulated a sufficient base of data and argument that shows that such a move is legitimate and justified.”

More radical economists believe that the Russian banking system has long been a corpse not to revive any manipulation. Stock analyst Stepan Demura noted that domestic banks, large and small, public and private, are buried in the “bad” assets — there are about 30-40%, or 20 trillion, and with such problems, any attempts to improve the look only Pat “deceased” on the cheeks.

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