Olivier from one potato: expert refused to share the new year’s optimism Nabiullina

It seems that Russia has gone after the bottom of the crisis. According to official statistics, ordinary citizens adapt to the negative economic phenomena, inflation “falls down the rapid Jack”. What else does a person need for complete happiness?!

But the Russians themselves mostly in these Megillah do not believe.

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Compare two positions. Official, concern about a simple housewife who is already thinking about the costing of the new year table. What is there to think, she already prepared options. However, the selection is small. Any new year’s celebration without the traditional salad “Olivier” and “herring under a fur coat”? November 22, speaking at a meeting in the state Duma, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina specially for members (apparently, not all parliamentarians share the economic optimism) calculated two indexes – they can be regarded Christmas. In 2017, prices for a range of ingredients for traditional new year’s dishes?

It turns out that “Olivier” for the entire current year has risen in price only 1.2% to 312 virtually any. And “herring under a fur coat” and better yet, even has fallen in price on 0,9% – to the amount of 150 virtually any. However, the Chairman of the Central Bank did not elaborate on how much salad going on. And the volume, you will agree, is important.

Well, all is in this positive picture was great, if not suspicious and distrustful citizens. Despite real of 1.2 % and 0.9 % (with a minus sign!) they expect inflation to 8-9 %. Even though Rosstat on November 15, it was 2.6%.

For some reason (the government doesn’t know what it is) the feeling of inflation, people are much taller than she really is. And it is the government, really wants to achieve public confidence in their policies. So dear Russians could dispose of family money, not thinking about the growth of prices and not the balls from side to side…

When assessing the observed population inflation for economic education, the authorities propose for us to evaluate the growth of prices for the three product groups-markers: fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee, sugar. Here for some reason is not included meat and sausages with bread, milk and dairy products. Although the goods of daily demand, and each housewife will say that the store they are getting more expensive almost every day. And their inflation definitely does not fit into the expected 8-9 %, what to say about the government forecast of 2.6 ?..

How to treat this position of the authorities — asked “MK” economists.

– Perhaps you can agree with the above in the state Duma arithmetic, there is no podtasovyvaniya numbers, – says doctor of economic Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute of world economy and international relations Yevgeniy GONTMAKHER.- However, here we must consider two things First: even according to official statistics, the income of our population continue to fall In the third quarter relative to the same period in 2016, the same can be said for the results of the 2nd quarter. To argue with these numbers useless.

The second point — the government is always talking about average wages across Russia. Someone she grew up, we know that in Moscow is more than 90 thousand virtually any a month. But the main group of the population, including the Muscovites, the fall in income is 5 or 10 %…

Of course, with declining inflation, those who get paid well to live better. And due to their well-being is offset by the plight of the poor. It is a classic of world economy: inflation hits hardest at the poor. More expensive products that you buy every day. And in Russia, those who live at the poverty line is not less than half !

That’s why people don’t believe in “improvement”. They have a calculator, table, including Christmas, is getting poorer. This is the General feeling of Russians who in different cities and towns of the country live on one salary.

That is the power and draw positive enough picture. Social disaster seems to be no, even thugh encouraging trends in macroeconomics. But what to do one half of the country, which survives, finds a penny?

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