Olympic champion from Ukraine, told about lesbians in biathlon

The captain of the female national team of Ukraine in biathlon Olena Pidhrushna, which transmits the final stage of the world Cup in Moscow because of the boycott, told about the representatives of different sexual orientation in the sport. According to the Olympic champion, some teams are lesbians.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“Lesbian is, but not in our team. I don’t know about all teams, but I do know that in some they are. How do they live? Don’t know, I was in their shoes not. We do not have doping control at the definition of sexual orientation”, – quotes Elena Pidgrushnoy Lenta.ru.

Recall that of all active participants of the biathlon world Cup has not made coming out, that is not out of the closet.

Olena Pidhrushna is the captain of the national team of Ukraine and Olympic champion of Sochi-2014. Since Ukrainian authorities decided to boycott all competitions are held in Russia, she and her compatriots have conceded the final stage of KM biathlon in Tyumen.

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