Olympic medalist complained about the “stinking Russian”

Olympic medalist in speed skating, the Erben, Winnerman refused to support the solution partner of the national team of the Netherlands Kuhn of the Verve to begin joint training with the Russian team athletes. The reason he called the recent problems with doping.

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“It’s a Russian! They are sneaky in everything, and from them on all sides stinks of dope. Dutch sport has always been clean. How can such a situation to deal with Russians?” he Wennermark nos.nl.

A few days ago it became known that the Korean Olympics in 2018 Verweij will be prepared together with Russian athletes. This was announced by the head coach of our team Konstantin Poltavets.

“We have agreed that our cooperation will last until September, then kun will return to the Netherlands to be selected in national team to participate in the opening stages of the world Cup”, – quotes the expert “R-Sport”.

He Verweij explained the decision of a longtime acquaintance with Poltavets. However, he noted that with respect for Russian athletes, even those which at the time had problems with illicit drugs.

Part of the Russian team at the Olympic winter games in 2018 in Pyeongchang is still in question because of a doping scandal last year.

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