On the Azov sea has set up a task force to prevent piracy

Igor Zarembo

/ RIA Novosti

Moscow, April 5 – AIF-Moscow.

The operational group to prevent piracy on the part of Ukraine is organized in the Azov-black sea territorial management (ACHTU) of the Agency. This writes TASS referring to the Azov research Institute of fisheries.

The Consequences Of The “Nord”. Black sea fleet will be used to protect vessels from Ukraine

The topic of measures to ensure the safety of Russian ships was raised during the meeting of the Azov-black sea basin scientific and fishery Council in Rostov-on-don.

“ACHTU created a task force to coordinate actions of the Agency with the border controls, providing information on the whereabouts of fishing vessels in the Azov sea to prevent piracy on the part of Ukraine”, – said the representatives of the Institute of fisheries.

Also, the Agency has prepared recommendations for the fishermen. The crew of the vessel must notify the border guard on release of the ship and a change in its deployment. In case of emergencies fishermen recommend makes contact at a certain frequency.

Last week, Ukrainian border guards arrested a Russian vessel “Nord” Crimeans aboard in the sea of Azov. In fact the hijacking of the Russian ship of the Crimean Department of the FSB instituted criminal proceedings.

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