“Our Paralympic athletes take medals, punish rivals, will prove that we are clean”

The international Paralympic Committee has allowed Russian athletes to participate in Games and Pyeongchang in neutral status. The expert assessed the decision of the IGC.

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The decision of the IPC is available on the official website of the organization in a press release. It transpires that the representatives of our country can participate in the competition, but at observance of certain requirements. One of the main stays neutral status of athletes. There is a ban on the use of any national symbols of Russia in the uniform and equipment of the athletes. Marked and the sports which the Russians are allowed to compete. There are five of them: Alpine skiing, biathlon, ski race, snowboard and wheelchair Curling.

In sledge hockey the representatives of Russia this time will not be, as the team did not have time to go through qualification because of the sanctions of the IPC. In total, the Paralympics will be able to travel 30-35 athletes from our country.

The Russian symbolism is forbidden not only to participate in the Games, but also support their fans.

“The audience can not carry flags according to the rules for non-participating countries,” said IPC President Andrew Parsons.

As noted by the Chairman of the Board of the IPC athletes Chelsea Gothel, Russia’s unwillingness to take responsibility for the biggest doping scandal ever in sports, eliminates the opportunity to compete under the national flag. At the same time, she emphasized that even as a “neutral Paralympic athletes” (NPA) athletes unable to fulfill his “Paralympic dream.”

In addition to sporting bans continues to operate a number of bureaucratic restrictions. Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) is still not reinstated. Representatives of the Ministry of sports of Russia and the RCC is forbidden to attend the Olympics in any capacity.

Paralimpijsky Committee of Russia has not yet given official comments on the decisions made.

— Now no interview about the International Paralympic Committee is not allowed. The decision will be taken at a meeting of the Executive Committee and announced at the end at a press conference on 1 February-said the “MK” the press service of the RCC. In the enlarged meeting of the Executive Committee of the organization will bring together leading representatives of Russian winter sports and coaches.

Specially for “MK” opinion about the decision of the IPC shared known Paralympic athlete, world champion in track Cycling Alex Everyday:

— Did not expect that the result will be so good that at least someone will admit. After all, the summer Games did not commit any athlete. It is important that you are given a chance for the guys to come in and speak, representing their country de facto. I think that this is a big win. I must take this opportunity to go, not even thinking about any boycott. I decided this question even before Rio. I would go even at his own expense and without prize money, on any terms, because it is the main event in the life of any athlete. Still, the athlete of Russia represents their country. Athletes will come to the Paralympics so motivated that they won’t care what is happening around. At heart they represent their country, their Homeland, despite the neutral status. It will be an additional incentive.

In addition, this is a very positive precedent for another reason. The international Paralympic Committee carries out not only the Paralympics, but the world Championships in individual sports. So in swimming, athletics, sledge hockey, our athletes for several years do not have the right to participate in international competitions. Therefore, today’s decision of the IPC has been significant progress in the restoration of the rights of the Russian Paralympic movement.

I am very glad of that. Our athletes are still going as the Russians. This is a very good sign. Athletes come from Russia, passing through obstacles and trials. Will participate the strongest, past a bunch of selections and the doping tests, but they will take medals, punish rivals, adding awards into our piggy Bank. But the main thing is once again will prove that we are clean and are fair game. Then international organizations will be less reason to show us in vain claim.

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