Pavel Kolobkov on the CAS decision: “It’s 28 clean wins”

The Minister of sports of Russia commented on the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS), which is justified by 28 of our athletes. The press service of the Minister gave his word “MK”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– Just been been adjudicated at the CAS hearing, held from 22 to 27 January in Geneva. While athletes received only operational (short) part of the solutions; the reasoning part will follow later.

Only considered the case of 39 athletes. Of these, for 28 cases decisions voided! This means 28 clean wins! This Trunenkov, Nevadilo, Stulneva, Tretyakov, Chudinov, Nikitina, Potylitsyna, Orlov, Lungs, Belov, Vylegzhanin, Cocks, Shapovalov, Hooks, Immortal, Matveeva, Fatkulina, Rumyantsev, Skobrev, Kuznetsov, Dobkina, Lebedev, Smolentseva, Pashkevich, Burina, Shchukin, Ivanova, Demchenko.

All athletes were acquitted in the case on charges of violating anti-doping rules during the Games in Sochi. And the guys and we are all pleased that justice has finally prevailed. The CAS Board recognized that they are innocent and quashed the decision of the Commission Oswald (IOC).

By 11 athletes changed the decision with a lifetime of Ineligibility for a temporary. This means that children are not will only allow up to the next Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. Is Zubkov, Mikhail Kasyanov, Pushkarev, Khuzin, The Governor, Ivanova, Chekaleva, Dotsenko, Skiba, Shibanov, Dubenok.

Today’s CAS decision is confirmed by the fact that many who are accused are “clean athletes”.

Athletes, who fought for their rights and finally won, of course, happy and looking forward to continue his career.

I hope that the IOC will accept the CAS decision and will give them the unconditional right to participate in the upcoming Olympic games. Over the past year they have experienced a lot of difficulties. Now they want to move on and continue doing what they like most – to compete in a fair fight”.

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