Peter Sagan and mark Cavendish leaving the Tour de France

Sometimes only the fourth stage of the Tour de France most prestigious race in the professional Cycling world, unexpectedly ended with a scandal. Slovak Peter Sagan of team Bora–Hansgrohe is suspended until the end of the “Tour”, and the British mark Cavendish was injured and finished the speech: Sagan nudged him, Cavendish hit the fence and fell under the wheels of the riders.


Two-time world champion on the road, Peter Sagan — winner of eight victories on stages of the Tour de France and four-time world champion on the track and the highway mark Cavendish won the sprint standings of the “Tour” in 2011. Slovak — five consecutive victories in the sprint standings of the “Tour”, the British second in the history of the number of victories on stages (30).

It all happened at the finish of the stage in the French Vittel: Cavendish, attacking, tried sharply to around Sagan, but he put the shoulder and the elbow, thereby giving direction to the whole movement of the opponent right into the barricade. The Cavendish was taken to hospital revealed a fracture of the shoulder. And Peter Sagan, who finished second and took the second place in the General standings, was disqualified for creating a serious danger to colleagues in the final meters of the race. So I decided to punish the organizers, the movement of the elbow, many considered it intentional.

“We decided to drop Peter Sagan with “Tour” because he threatened other riders, including Mark Cavendish. We used article 12.104 rules of the International Cycling Federation (UCI), which gives us the right to suspend him”, — this explanation was followed in press release.

Bora-Hansgrohe filed an appeal against the dismissal of Sagan, believing that the athlete could not see the movements of the opponent who made too sharp maneuver. And the driver himself visited the Cavendish in the hospital and apologized, though he said that elbow into the opponent specifically: “In the sprint I saw that mark’s coming for me. He went to overtake on the right, and I didn’t have time to react to it. It turned out that he drove into me and crashed into the fence”.

Both leave “the Tour.” “Was grateful that after the finish, Sagan visited me,’ said Cavendish. — I have a Peter good relationship. But the fact that he hit me with his elbow, a fact, and I wanted to talk to him about it… of Course, I was very upset when I found out about the fracture. I feel that I had a good opportunity to win the stage and play it and leave the “Tour” race, around which to build my career, really sad,” said Cavendish.

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