Povetkin knocked out Pryce, Joshua defeated Parker online stream Boxing

Today, March 31, in Cardiff hosted an evening of professional Boxing in which main duel met Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker. And in the co-main event met Alexander Povetkin and David Price. We haven’t missed this event: all the details in our live online broadcast.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

` And we’re done here, congratulations again to Sasha Povetkin”s victory and bid you farewell – until we meet again, thank you for being with us!

` The unanimous decision of judges: Anthony Joshua defeated Joseph Parker (119 – 109, 118 – 110, 118 – 110). Now the Briton – world champion in the WBA Super, IBO, IBF and WBO. Well, th is is not his first early victory.

12` ALL! The boxers embraced in the center of the ring and, apparently, all understand perfectly. Parker was decent, but Joshua still won. Waiting for the official announcement.

12` still sunk to the 12th round boxers! In the judges ‘ decision is no doubt, will someone take the risk?

11` And again a clinch, and once again the referee.

11` Joseph continues to act in some assaults, but Joshua wisely breaks the distance.

10` Joshua, meanwhile, are generally not at risk. Interrupts, but does not seek to end the fight early.

10` Parker did make it to the final cut, although many didnt believe it.

9` too Much we clinch, the referee often intervenes in the course of battle.

9` is pretty much the same round, but Joshua looks more active. And in General more accurate.

8` Again, albeit small, but the advantage from Anthony.

8` Joshua well on the counterattack with a jab. Thanks to the advantage in reach – it is exact.

7` another good round from Parker.

6` Interestingly, in the middle of a fight Joseph started to reverse.

6` well, but in this position was Anthony? Seems A little nervous he is, as Parker intensified.

5` Parker begins to gradually align the situation in the ring.

5` Wow joined Parker, had to move back Joshua back!

4` Joshua while things not boost.

4` While the left hand often Joseph is holding down.

4` throws a Lot of jabs Parker.

3` a Bit of clinch and exchange punches from the bottom.

3` the First number of tries to work, Anthony is moving forward constantly.

2` too many misses Joshua.

2` the Good, the promising series is trying to do Joseph.

1 a very nervous start, but Parker is not confused.

1` the First round, Poehali!

` A few moments left before the start of the match.

` Sound of the national anthems.

` The Champ is here rose in a quadrilateral Joshua.

` Joseph Parker has climbed into the ring.

` Now, the main event of the evening! Joshua V. Parker, two undefeated athlete!

` You just look at it! Only nervous trespassing!

#BOXING pic.twitter.com/iszsyFqhZn

— Streetfight Bancho (@streetfitebanch) March 31, 2018.

5` Missed the Price a heavy blow, lowered his hands, but remained on his feet – and then Povetkin sooooo powerful punches David and he falls into a deep knockout! No chance of a sequel!

5` Okaaaaaaaaaaay!

4` However, it is necessary to pay tribute to the British – it became a bit more active than before.

4` Povetkin Continues to handle the case of price and takes the attack head on.

3` And the third round ends.

3` So, Sasha, let’s not go there… Missed quite a powerful blow and Alexander, it seemed, was lost. Or maybe just stumbled, but the knockdown he was counted out.

3` Well, counterattack is good and Price knocked Povetkin down!

2` “Russian Vityaz” is a great closer and instantly breaks the distance after your attack.

2` Finally included David Jeb, but is not very good control of distance.

1` Sasha Tries to penetrate the opponents body. The difference in growth is played by the Russian on the arm.

1` Price in General is in a hurry.

1` Very quietly begins to fight Povetkin.

` All boxers began their way to the ring.

` Welcome all Boxing fans! In Cardiff is coming to its apotheosis evening of professional fights, and very little time is left to fight Alexander Povetkin!

Alexander Povetkin his latest fight was held in Yekaterinburg on 15 December, when a unanimous decision win of Christian hammer. Now the Russians called one of the main contenders for the championship belt, but before meeting with the holders he needs to win another victory over the Briton David price.

He, in turn, spent on a professional ring 26 fights, which scored 22 victories. In December he defeated Kamil Sokolowski from Poland, thus closing defeat against the hammer, which later was won by Povetkin.

For the British athlete is definitely the dimensions. At the weigh-in he showed 116,1 kg, while Alexander 103,8 kg. Also, it is much higher then Russian – 203 cm to 188 cm, However, the experience and knockout power of Povetkin can compete with the price. However, for the “Russian knight” is the first fight outside of Russia since 2012.

FACE OFF | Alexander Povetkin vs @DavidPrice_1, Saturday’s chief support… Don’t blink ?#PovetkinPrice #JoshuaParker pic.twitter.com/Dp5Nv4DhhP

— Matchroom Boxing (@MatchroomBoxing) 29 Mar 2018

Also, you can not go past the main event of the evening is a bout between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker. He also gets in our direct online broadcast.

What will end the fight Potekhina and price? If our boxer could handle the pressure of foreign fans and continue their winning streak? The answers to these and many other questions we will know very soon! “MK” will begin live online broadcast at exactly 22:50 Moscow time!

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