Professor McLaren dismissed the charges against Russia in the state doping program

The head of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Richard McLaren, which is in two parts of its report, accused Russia of the existence of a doping system at the state level, refused his words. This was told Vitaly Smirnov, who heads the Independent public anti-doping Commission (PLA).

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“I met with Professor Richard McLaren. He said He dropped the charges in state intervention. If so, it is very important” – quoted Vitaly Smirnov “R-Sport”.

In 2016, after the establishment of the independent Commission of WADA, Richard McLaren introduced the report in two parts about doping in Russian sports. In particular, he claimed that more than a thousand local athletes were somehow involved in the fraud with illegal drugs. Moreover, according to McLaren, in Russia there was a state doping program that helped the athletes to conceal the numerous violations.

Because of this, Russia almost lost the Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. However, representatives of athletics still remained behind the main start of fourth anniversary. There’s still the question of the participation in the winter Olympics in 2018.

Currently Russia is engaged in restoration of their rights after the dismissal and suspensions. McClaren himself stated that now we are not talking about a “state” program, and “institutional”.

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