Psychologists of Moscow state University have developed a scientific method for the selection of air traffic controllers

Moscow, February 27 – AIF-Moscow.

The staff of the faculty of psychology of Moscow state University conducted an experiment, which was able to identify thinking style, suitable occupations related to the observation and treatment of a large number of data. The results of their work they shared in the publication of the European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences.

Between “want”, “can” and “must”. As a graduate to choose the profession

The team decided to experimentally test how people with different thinking styles respond to situations under conditions of uncertainty. Similar to the job facing air traffic controllers and radar operators stations.

The experiment was attended by 90 citizens. In the first part of the experiment, the psychologists conducted five tests that helped to determine the parameters of perception and memorization of information. In the second part of the study, researchers showed participants a set of letters in a short period of time. Subjects needed to find the desired consistency.

The most effective were the participants who had a broad focus of thinking and a tendency to exaggeration and generalization of the obtained data.

“It was established experimentally that the choice of specific solutions to sensory challenges depends on its cognitive-stylistic peculiarities”, — said one of the study”s authors Alexey Gusev.

The scientist believes that the results of the experiment will help in the future in the professional selection of specialists.

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