Putin advised journalists to write inoffensive stories

At the meeting with children in “Artek” Vladimir Putin discussed the work of journalists, calling the “most important” in their work assessment criteria events. The President also believes that the reports should not “offend” their characters

Vladimir Putin in the children’s camp “Artek”

(Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the children in the camp “Artek” in Gurzuf talked about the principles of work of journalists, calling one of the main principles is to write “stories”, without offending them heroes.

During communication with the Artek campers, Putin asked Tanya Bondar from Donetsk, who said that the camp was in mediathread. In response, the President pointed out that the meeting “a lot of journalists.” The question of Putin, what would “they could help” her and the other guys from groups, the girl said that journalists “would be able to tell us about how to properly write articles, how, what angle to take reports.”

Vladimir Putin in the children’s camp “Artek”

(Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / TASS)

“What are the criteria to evaluate the events that here, I think this is very important, — said Putin. — May be the most important thing, right? And to do so, here is how one [a female participant] from Artek said to make it not hurt those against whom they make and write their stories, right?” (quoted by “Interfax”).

The girl agreed with the President, then he noticed that they have “common” and “very constructive” approach to journalism.

Earlier, on 3 April, Putin at the media forum of the Russian popular front, which was attended by representatives of regional media, said that he would like to “press and officials” are not opposed to each other. According to Putin, “open press in a democratic society” one way or another oppose the authorities that he considers “right”. “I would hate just to press and the bureaucracy were to each other as wall to wall, all the time”, — the President said to the audience at the forum, adding that “confrontation” does not achieve “maximum results”.

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