Putin handed over a list of businessmen who wish to return from the UK

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Moscow, February 4 – AIF-Moscow.

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov told President Vladimir Putin the list from more than 10 entrepreneurs who are in the UK and wish to return. Their names were not disclosed, reports RIA Novosti.

Mystery list “Titova”. Fugitive oligarchs being asked back to Russia?

The list will be supplemented. For the convenience of businessmen wishing to clarify their business, in six countries, including Britain, are open points for receiving such applications.

“We realized that this is a systemic problem, so people just don’t know how to handle, so do not come to us and we to them”, – said Titov.

According to the lawyer Dmitry Grigoriadi that provides assistance to Russian businessmen abroad, not in the list of oligarchs, it featured the usual businessmen, whose business already for many years considered by the courts.

Earlier, the British authorities stated that the owners of large assets will need to explain on what grounds they got them, otherwise, the property of businessmen of the arrest.

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