Putin praised the combat performance of a new cruise missile Kh-101

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Moscow, July 6 – AIF-Moscow.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin highly estimated combat characteristics of the new missile system, the Kh-101, Interfax reported.

What about the latest Russian cruise missile Kh-101?

According to him, the rocket showed a very high degree of reliability. At the meeting of the Commission on military-technical cooperation with foreign States, he noted that this is the most modern weapon that is highly accurate and has a large capacity and a range of 4.5 thousand km.

Speaking about the use of Russian weapons in the fight against terrorism in Syria, the President thanked the military, designers and developers of the missile system X-101. Putin stressed that the weapons of this level needs to be the center of attention.

Earlier, the defense Ministry released a video shot of a Russian Tu-95MS on the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) on the border of the provinces of Hama and HOMS in Syria. In the operation used the latest cruise missiles X-101.

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