Radiation of life. What women have found in Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking marries his nurse, Elaine Mason. 1995 © /


English physicist, whose death is reported even women’s magazines, have lived a violent life.

It seems that in the last decade of his cosmically advanced wheelchairs, speech synthesizer, and a thin trickle of saliva from the corner of his mouth I could not see anybody. It was just the usual details of the whole image, very important to others.


Stephen Hawking. Physicist and mathematician, who studied the Big Bang theory and black holes, was born in 1942, died in March of 2018, and all this in Oxbridge. More than half a century confined to a wheelchair. Your insight about the Universe and its future, Hawking voiced with the help of specially created for him a speech synthesizer, scientific works (including the super-popular “a Brief history of time”, released in 1988) were recruited with one finger with the mouse — while the finger is still moving. Became the father of three children, winner of several dozen awards. Educator, popularizer of science.

He lived so that now, after his death, no one is saying that Stephen Hawking is the man who in spite of… No, only the people, through which…

Scientists think of his breakthroughs in the study of the cosmos; pacifists performances for the world; the inhabitants, as he did the Big Bang concept, which became fashionable to talk over lunch; those who believe in God, about how he believed in his luck were lucky to live the only life on Earth! The children remember the Simpsons in which a character in a wheelchair, “the smartest man on the planet”, and a tabloid or two of his marriage and two divorces.

And one more thing.

The great scientist discovered a special radiation of black holes and called it by its name. And of course, it is not only about space.

Hawking radiation is the radiation of life. How radiated it back out of the black hole, which hit his body. And continue to radiate even after the early morning of March 14, he calmly breathed style through a hole in the neck for the last time at his home in Cambridge.

“In the Universe there would be special meaning, if she had not been home for loved ones,” said Hawking once.

British physicist Stephen Hawking. Dossier

Jane and journey to infinity

In his Universe remained a favorite. Life with one of them made him Stephen Hawking was not once it is saved, screened and even awarded the “Oscar”. Life on the other was “passionate and violent”, became a tabloid story and were interested in the police. And that was all. Not in spite of. And thanks. The Hawking Radiation.

Lust for life even when the doctors say that there are only 2 years and you 20, do you first love and pulsing in the head of scientific discovery, ready to ripen and burst. Thanks for the chance to be born and experience the happiness on this planet. The belief that “for broken computers (with whom he compared dying the human brain) there is no heaven and immortality”, so it was necessary to do everything now. Radiation of life.

He had time. Fell in love with Jane Wilde, and she in him. “Hawking is a crazy family”, a brilliant student who puts ultimatums to the professors and throw in the trash his work, shy young man with a low falling to closed points in a powerful rim of the eye sloppy bangs.

The wedding of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde, 1965 pic.twitter.com/m7zO2SyVmD

— Interesting facts (@FactInteres) 15 Oct 2017

“He was an eccentric phenomenon in the Puritan nonsense and sleepy St. Albans”, writes Jane after three decades of marriage in his book “Journey to infinity”.

Scientific insight, love, and the diagnosis of “have amyotrophic lateral Lateral MS, neurodegeneration, two years, a young man, well two and a half” coincided in space and time.

Hawking was going to get married and become a great scholar, but had — and has already begun: hands did not obey, bowlegged to lose control over the body and die from suffocation when no respiratory muscles.

Steven stopped answering phone calls. Then Jane came to his feet.

They got married and he became a great scientist.

Jane tried.

The Supreme intelligence. The true story of Stephen Hawking

“In our marriage there were four of us”

While Steven’s body is sinking inexorably into the black hole, the muscle behind the muscle (so that at the end of his life the only one left, facial on the cheek, she — with the involvement of computer, and helped him to manage his entire life), the mind has gained a new territory, Jane year after year carried the silent service: have children (three of them, Lucy, Robert and Tim, and it was also a miracle), crushed food to her husband, buttoning the buttons and opolais babies, flew him around the world.

“The problem in our marriage was that it was the four partners: me, Stephen, sickness, and physics”.

Stephen Hawking with first wife Jane Wilde, and their children Robert and Lucy fry, barbecue, 1977 pic.twitter.com/QKzYTJDG6k

— Pictures of the past (@HISTORYofPHOTOS) 26 Jun 2017

Hawking became so great, and she is so Holy, that, as he recalled Jane’s in 2015, their relationship became similar to the relationship of “master and slave”. Numerous fans of Stephen spoil family life (“Oh, you’re so smart! Should I kiss the ground under your feet — in this case, wheels” — agree, this is not what normally the wife says to her husband), and changing nurses made it unbearable.

Worlds Hawking. The death of humanity and 3 scary predictions of the scientist

“I felt that I can not and several times was on the verge of suicide”. Love, crushed on the life of caring for someone who understands more about the world than a scientific Institute, but cannot even scratch his nose, love, estancias to the strings, crushed by decades of sacrifice, the love that did not save even the humor of Hawking”s famous…

Now I had to save Jane.

And Hawking went at it. The wife begins to sing in the Church choir. To gain full lungs, to escape, to think about yourself… Meets another person. He is an ordinary, earthly, who do not need anything from Jane — but Jane.

Who is Stephen Hawking”s ex-wife? How Jane Wilde described their marriage breakdown https://t.co/hZWGZVlXdy pic.twitter.com/KuH21I2Diz

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) March 14, 2018

Hat, gloves, a string of pearls around the neck. Music. And no physics… Jonathan Johnson, Director of the choir, becomes a friend of the family. Helps Jane admires Stephen is silent about his.

Hawking also lost his voice. Literally. During severe pneumonia, when a scientist was hopeless, the doctors had offered his wife to disconnect it from the apparatus. But Jane had made a different decision. She gave her husband many years, refusing to disconnect.

“It was just the light of the world”. Physics of Stephen Hawking and his legacy

Hawking performed a tracheotomy: punched in the throat for air. He was able to breathe, but stopped talking. So he began talking to a computer, and in numerous interviews on television Hawking predictions about the future of the Earth, sounded metallic voice of a robot, began to sound quite infernal.

The less it has left the body, the more radiation — which sometimes burned ones… Hawking met with the British Queen and Barack Obama, floated in weightlessness and starred as himself in the TV show, his book “a brief history of time” has sold millions of copies, it became the star — Shine which sometimes is cold and hurts so that I want to squint…

Queen Elizabeth meets Stephen Hawking during a reception for Leonard Cheshire Disability charity at St James’s Palace in London May 29, 2014. pic.twitter.com/uOhnScNOyD

— Duka Kofi Boateng (@DukaKofi) 15 Mar 2018

And Jane was always on earth, and the earth was waiting for her Jonathan.

Keep yourself in an incredible marriage, to let go of each other with gratitude and love again, Hawking was able to it.

“Women is a complete mystery”

5 years later after the breakup with Jane Stephen married his nurse Elaine Mason, and it’s another story.

In 11 years of this new marriage, the police of Cambridge has repeatedly received allegations of a series of alleged attacks on the scientist, but Hawking has always defended a new wife: “she is innocent”.

Stephen Hawking and Elaine Mason. Photo: Reuters

Children and stepmother did not speak, knowing her greed and abuse, the thread that led from Stephen to Jane, ended was really…

And this marriage ended, too. “Women is a complete mystery,” Hawking once summed up the results of his understanding of the Universe on this side.

Ordinary life — love and breakups, jealousy and folly, with three children and grandchildren — Hawking has lived it, and this is the best that could happen to the immobilized genius. “However hard our life is, while it continues, there is hope.”

He went on a journey to infinity first. His favorite — and we can only look at the starry sky, with his head up, and catching the Hawking radiation.

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