Real Madrid or Zenit: where will continue career striker Fedor Smolov

In the second half of December when many are already preparing for the New year and make plans for long holidays, fans of European football begin to live in anticipation is no less important for their time — the winter transfer window. Rumors and talk, of course, does not stop even throughout the year, but when the transfer of the player to another team becomes possible and legitimate, his future and even multiply at the speed of light.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

One of such athletes in the Premier League for several consecutive years, remains a striker “Krasnodar” CSKA Moscow showing in this season excellent results: he is the author of 13 goals scored in 19 matches. But the current contract with the club runs until the summer of 2019, and in the national team before the world Cup footballer.

However, Fedor “escorted” to Europe more than once. There was information about the offers from China, and a likely transition of the Russians in Dortmund. But, poetically speaking, one after another version of the transfer dissipated, “like a dream, like the morning mist”

But recently ribbon sports news ristotelis really good headlines: for the next transfer period Smolov got to sphere of interests of Madrid “real”. The football agent allegedly even met with the Director General of the Spanish club.

However, the next assumption just seemed so improbable and may be even not perceived by the fans Smolov seriously. And then he heard another “variation on the theme of” transfer, but much more believable. This winter Smolov can go in the English “West ham”. Reported that not just anybody, and head coach of “Krasnodar” Igor Shalimov, and he called and the approximate amount of the transaction and 18-20 million pounds.

Of course, this immediately raised a whole panorama of opinions. One of them shared with us a sports Manager and resident expert, “MK” Pavel Nesterov.

— With all due respect to Fyodor Smolov and its representatives can say that no “real” they may not be interested in. It is a phantasmagoria. “Real” for Smolov unreal. This is my opinion. As for the “West ham”, I’m sure that the interest the club has. Fedor said in an interview with Yuri Dude that watched the game, and they defended it in 11 people for 90 minutes. But it was a match with “Manchester city”. Against him in any team in the world can do the same. And yet, most of all, Fyodor Smolov will be in the “Zenith”. These are my feelings.

— It has something to do with the world Cup?

— This is a club question. On the probability of missing the world Cup in the case of the transition now to another club, really, they say. About this in his blog writes Dmitry Selyuk. But it seems to me that we should not worry about Fedor. All he must develop well, especially since the experience of playing abroad is. Adapt it can. Ultimately it should be decided by Fedor with his agent.

— If we do not go, do not miss it, as happened with one Russian player?

It is hard to say. Nobody knows how will play the national team at the world Cup. If the team performs well and Mikel will score a few goals, he will have options better than, “West ham”, but still, of course, not “real”. We have to be objective: the team of such level to consider Smolov will not. On the other hand, if Fedor going now, “West ham”, showing their best qualities, plus will show a decent game in the national team at the world Cup, then he would be interested in clubs of higher rank, the conditional Tottenham or Liverpool.

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