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On Sunday, the actors, journalists and stars of the student League went to the floor to pay tribute to the legendary Soviet team, who won 45 years ago, a historic victory at the Olympics in Munich. How did the idea of this match, its participants and the symbolic ending – a basketball expert MK Alexander Fedotov.

photo: Sergey Kuznetsov

Zharmuhamedov instructs Kuzma Saprykin

Our life is full of chance. Many of them, if you think about it, is not accidental. Here, for example, I stumbled on one of the capital’s fitness clubs for tall, two meters tall, coach-instructor. Get acquainted, talk. Ryapolov name is Sasha, plays basketball at the Amateur level, in addition, also an aspiring actor. It turned out that we have many mutual friends, and one of them is the legendary Olympic champion Alzhan Zharmuhamedov, which just played Ryapolov in the new movie devoted to the great Soviet national team and its historic win at the Olympics-72 in Munich. In the past year memorable triumph with the legendary three seconds in the final of the USSR – USA (pass Ivan Edeshko to Alexander Belov and the joyful cry of the commentator Nina Eremina have become classics of world sport) turned 45 years old.

Well, I guess if it’s not a reason?..

So the idea of a friendly match in honor of the first Olympics and probably the most important (recall that prior to 1972, the U.S. team has never lost at the Games) victories of our basketball players. Decided Play format actors against journalists. Fortunately, among those of other missing people, is not alien to the game with the ball. Thus, among the performers famous players of the Soviet national team were the guys with a basketball education – the same or Ryapolov Aleksandr Belov, the son of the great Sergei Belov, who scored 20 points (out of 51 points the team!) in the final, with the Americans. Well, in our team which only cost a Nikita Morgunov, European champion 2007 and now a functionary of the Russian basketball Federation and, more importantly, a basketball commentator on television. And if you add to it in a few under the ring guru commentator and workshops center No. 1 among journalists rum Skvortsova…

As a result, as expected, the game was fantastic. For her, by the way, huge thanks to the Association of student basketball (ASB) decided the issue with hall, games t-shirts (with emblem of the Soviet Union, says Munich-72 and the listed names of all the players and coaches of the gold team) and gifts for all participants. Plus, ASB and improved basketball high enough level, docaviv in a team of three actors star players-students and Executive Director of the Association Sergey Kryukov. In turn, the media team increased. – another champion of Europe-2007, and nowadays the trainer of Russian national team took on the responsibility of playing the head coach.

Well, the main star and the “culprit” of this match, of course, was Alzhan Zharmuhamedov. One of three (together with Ivan Edeshko and Lithuanian Modestas Paulaskas) players from the championship team, surviving to the present day, headed the team of actors. Admittedly, Alzhan Mustbecome and at 73, is in great physical shape – muscular, slender, youthful. Tracksuit Soviet team, made specially for the movie sketches of those years, came Yarmuhamedova at the time!

– Thank you to everyone who came, who organized this match – he will say then, barely holding back the excitement. I got great pleasure from the game. And I was very pleased to see a film about our victory. Such emotions, I don’t think I felt even then, in ‘ 72. And my wife at the premiere could not hold back tears…

Along with Yarmuhamedova fun game, I guess, got everything – and the audience, which despite its unofficial status, it has gathered a lot, and of course the participants themselves. Which helped a lot of unusual retro format of the match – it was held on the basketball rules and regulations 1972 (then, in particular, there was no three-pointers) under the supervision of the legendary referee Mikhail Davydov. A relaxed and fun atmosphere of the match could not affect the actions of the players that sought to play to the audience, sometimes to the detriment of the team. So, in one of the episodes Morgunov… helped bulls to score the ball from the top, hoisted on the required height. However, the judge Davydov abolished these two points – say, not by the rules!

photo: Sergey Kuznetsov
Episode Morgunov and Bykov.

The outcome of the match decided in the very end. By a happy coincidence, for the last attack and the team of actors had only three seconds – just as in 1972 in Munich! And now, with the score tied in the role of Ivan Edeshko Kuzma Saprykin passes through the ground under the opponent’s ring to Ivan Kolesnikov, who played Alexander Belov…

Guess what happened then?

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