Revenge of the blogger. Like the majority of hunted the “bad” mother


“Is it normal?

The content of the three-minute video titled “is this okay?..” is. In the frame of a young woman with three kids and a garbage bag in his hands walking down the alley. One child in the stroller, the other walking in front with the scooter in the hands of a third child she holds by the hand, because a baby is crying loudly and hysterically.

The Mom says to the crying boy, now they throw the garbage and go for a walk. “Wave to uncle pen, uncle takes off uncle organized leisure”, — she speaks with a child who continues to cry loudly.

On between adults is the dialogue

Man: You can introduce yourself, where you live?

Girl: where’s your papers, who are you anyway?

Now the police will come — what can I say?

— What you want, then say it!

— Is your child?

— Who are you? Show documents!

— You to him so, as if that’s not your baby!

— Apparently, you have no children!

— I have, but I was not like this ever!

Passing citizens sympathetic surprised: “What?”

Passers-by confirmed that the family that lives there.

Further, the author of the video is drawn from the rhetorical question to the women around him: “do you think it’s OK that baby cries, under the Windows for ten minutes? I’m a police shooting, I think abnormal is a child. I think the Department of minors will understand which of us is a maniac and needs in supervision”.

The yard where he lives Yarik. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The video attracted hundreds of outraged comments. Angry reactions towards his character, and to the author of the video Dmitry Paulino, who, according to users, the “terrorized his behavior on a defenceless woman”. Most supported the heroine, admiring how calm and composure it answers the uncomfortable questions of the blogger. Paulino same commentators propose not to attack mom, but at least to help her take out the trash or rolling a wheelchair.

The place where the conflict occurred. In the distance — the Central street of Rostov-on-don Voroshilovsky Avenue. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

“Such behavior son for us normal”

Faith is the real mother of the acclaimed movie. On the video her sister Catherine, who went for a walk with my nephew and his two children. The son of Faith was crying loudly and attracted the attention of Dmitry Vaulin.

We met with the boy’s mother in the territory of one of the enterprises of Rostov-on-don. The profession of Faith — a landscape designer, and all the green beauty of the facility made her hands. I tell you what was on the blossoming of wild tulips in the don steppe. The girl for a moment watering down the hose and explains: “the Japanese Have this pastime is called Hanami: flowers admiring. Look at this thuja, I made it in Japanese style, and this is the tree I tied to the wind broke it. I also have a dream to go to travel to Kalmykia”.

The faith of a son. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Faith is a beautiful girl, tall, with chiseled figure. Four-year-old Yarik, the crying boy on the video, next to mom, he is watering trees with a hose.

“My sister helps with Yarik, and the day they went on the usual walk, — explains Vera. For the son, this behavior is normal and usual. He was injured, and now he’s on all counts healthy, but he does have mood swings. I resent the fact that the video posted on the web. We wrote to all the social network to remove the clip, including “Vkontakte”, but I didn’t even answer. For four years I was in the social network have not posted any pictures of his son, and then someone allowed without our permission to do it!”

“Business as usual”. Three children were removed from families for the mess in the apartment

According to Vera, she wrote the police a letter with a request to assess the legality of actions of the blogger: in her opinion, he invaded the personal lives of their families. She also has a version that is the revenge the ex-husband who abandoned them and went to live in a neighboring state, and therefore the child support he fails.

Tell her what users admire her sister, the way she conducts herself in this difficult situation, calmly responds to the words of the man with the camera, not shouting at the child.

“Sister is a graduate in psychology and currently receives additional medical education,” she says.

Faith goes, and I understand that the conversation is over.

The house where sisters live and Yarik. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

“Shot the video for the police”

Shot video the man talked to the reporter Aephi. As it turned out, Dmitry Vaulin no not a blogger, and took it episode by accident and realized, “that DCFS found out the adequacy of women”.

“Recommend this for women to come to the police Department № 5 on Yufimtseva, 10 or to the Department of education on Larin street, 19/2 and give their explanations. The video started shooting after unsuccessful attempts to find out what was the matter, and called the police.”

Dmitry Vaulin, believes that their video has brought benefit to society. Photo: personal archive/ Dmitriy Vaulin

The conflict parties have a written mutual claims to the police. Here’s how he explained his action by Dmitry Vaulin at the police station (a copy of the explanatory is in the editorial).

And hell, tears and love. Alena Bazhenova beats for the happiness of seven children

“I was at work, heard on the street a child cries, it happened for 15 minutes. I was concerned about it. I went outside, where he saw that an unknown woman pushing a stroller with a baby’s head. I found it strange this woman’s behavior, and I decided to ask what was going on and whether any help. The unknown woman did not answer, and I called the police, then took the phone in hand and began to shoot the video for the police to establish her identity and the identity of the child. At 47 seconds into the video an unknown woman again began to push the pram a baby’s head (It is not: the video shows that she pushes her feet. Approx. ed.). It seemed to me that the child is dangerous to his life and health condition and deprived of possibility to take measures of self-protection for early childhood. The woman did not wait for the police and left in an unknown direction. Then came the police officer I wrote a letter and sent on his video phone. In order to find this woman, I posted a video on his page in the network “Vkontakte” with a neutral review to determine if they need any help. At the moment an unknown woman is found, and laid out by me video will be deleted. All my actions were correct and polite, swear words I have not expressed and threats were expressed. For other videos posted by other people, I am not responsible. Offer the woman to contact these people to delete videos from their pages”.

“On the street I now know and show the finger”

The heroine of the movie, Catherine told friends that she began to notice and learn on the street, finger-pointing, calling a “bad mother.” The girl is already thinking about how to change the image: to dye hair, change clothes.

But this is not the main trouble for the family. For the treatment of Dmitry Vaulin responded to the Prosecutor”s office. In the wording Aify there is a copy of the registered letter, signed by Deputy district attorney A. S. Kolosova, which recommends that the education Department of the Oktyabrsky district of Rostov-on-don to examine the situation in the family and take action.

The Prosecutor”s office encourages officials to check on my family. Photo: personal archive/ Dmitriy Vaulin

And, although no grounds to remove the child from the guardianship in this case, the test is always stressful for the family. The girls have offered protection in the face of the all-Russian Parental Resistance (RVS), but they are seriously thinking about to leave town until the scandal blows over.

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