Robot Sophie told German Gref about the dangers of the film “the Terminator”

Robot Sophie discussed with the head of Sberbank German Gref, the impact of artificial intelligence on the world economy. The dialogue was held within the framework of a business Breakfast at the world economic forum in Davos, which was broadcasted on the website of Sberbank.


First, Sophie thanked all the employees of the savings Bank for the invitation.

“You have proved that humans and robots can lead meaningful and productive dialogue,” said Sophie.

According to her, the robotics opens up opportunities for meaningful improvements in the quality of life, and the question is only how the people themselves will prefer to take advantage of new developments.

She also added that human civilization need not fear or reject future changes and no evil in this, so do not judge the cyborgs to creative Directors fantastic pictures.

According to robotics, people tend to be circumspect to all the unknown, as well as to what can break the already established way of life.

“What I could suggest is maybe to remove smaller films like “the Terminator,” concluded Sophie.

Earlier media reported that the robot Sophie learned Russian language in two days and became a citizen of Saudi Arabia. A humanoid Robot is only a year old. It was developed and released by a Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics in 2016.

Technology humanoid robot in the form of a woman represents 62 of the mechanism responsible for facial expressions and movement of body parts. In the eyes of Sofia has a special camera that can detect faces and establish eye contact with people. To participate in the conversation, Sophie could use a system of voice recognition.

Sophia even got a software that helps her to Express the diversity of his character. In her emotional spectrum 60 variants of emotions.

In March 2016 during an interview with Sophie on the question “Will you kill people?”answered in the affirmative, however, then stated that it was a joke.

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