Rosstat has named industry with the highest salaries

The Federal state statistics service (Rosstat) reported that Russia earn citizens involved in the production of coke and petroleum products. So, the average salary of oil amounted to 156 683 virtually any.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

As reported to Rosstat, in July 2017, the average salary of Russians amounted to virtually any 39 355, which is 8.6% more than the year before. In real terms (inflation-adjusted) wages increased somewhat less – by 4.6%.

In this variation of average salaries in different sectors remains very high, reported by “News Economy”. Thus, the absolute leader of the rating became the segment of production of coke and oil products with an average salary 156 683 virtually any.

In second place – extraction of oil and gas. People engaged in this industry receive an average of 110 347 virtually any. Earn a little less on the production of tobacco products — 200 110 virtually any.

The average salary of those working in insurance and financial services is 78 191 ruble. The “miners” minerals receive virtually any 74 940, and “fishermen” (fisheries and aquaculture) – 70 840 virtually any.

Next are research and development (70 432), professional, scientific and technical activities (61 457), production of medicines and materials used for medical purposes (61 151).

TOP 10 activities in the field of information and communication. The average wage for workers in this sector is about 58 336 virtually any.

Yesterday the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin during the meeting with President Vladimir Putin promised to raise the salaries of the Russians by 10 percent. According to him, it will take three years.

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