Russia froze to a standstill: what’s wrong with our biathlon

Desperately jealous of Martin Fourcade. It won again. No questions asked. Individual race in Ruhpolding allowed the king of biathlon made a mistake and surrendered without resistance. Worried about the older king Bjoerndalen, the error at the third turn upset his hopes for a good result. For our children – just painful. The gap to the leader from three minutes or more, even more specific scary. Among our best – Alexey Volkov.


Martin Fourcade

Biathlon this season in the performance of our athletes is, of course, thought different. Stupid “do not run, because the net”, exclude at once. Not sports and not the case. But the rest – bulk. Main – does the coaching staff, and at what stage of training should occur every athlete applying for participation in the Olympic games? The winner is the athlete, but leads to victory or at least a decent speech coach. Ruhpolding started the penultimate stage of the world Cup. Next – Pyeongchang-gun, I might want to clarify the situation before the Games.

Of course, disturbing. It’s the feeling that we are quite familiar and without special reasons, and here they are, and quite real. One prize for all the past stages (Anton Shipulin was third) is not just a little, and somehow even indecent. Before the Olympic games – less than a month. And stayed on all checks two stages. Ruhpolding, which meets the fifth stage of the season should also verify the optimality of the relay teams.

Rivals burn. Fourcade about to say is somehow boring, but Johannes boe, of course, now a handsome 5 gold medals in individual races on the world Cup, 2 silver and now have 2 bronze. And says can add. He says that “thinking positively”. In the overall standings of the world Cup is second behind Fourcade. On the question of what is more valuable – Olympic gold and victory in the overall standings, selects all of the same Games: “most Likely, 50-50, or 60-40 in favor of the Games. Victory in the world Cup means that you were the best for more than 30 races. But from the point of view of status, I think the Olympic gold is more valuable”.

Then Johannes can agree. However, what we have. Only a surge to the Games and hope. It remains to hope that in the time available, and coaches and athletes will agree on the correct training to the finish line before it’s Pyongyang. Grope it together – intuition, muscle, experience. And hope, since the previous approved plans from the same men as the athletes agreed to “gross and Paginam Baryshevym and leadership”, didn’t work?

Not a sin, and even really need to use the tips more effectively biathletes. Anton Shipulin, for example, has trained with his sister Anastasia Kuzmina. Then publicly thanked her “for a joint training session and some really great advice”. Not only that, family outing to the gym – for more joy, but today Nastya (two-time Olympic champion, twice the mother has a son and daughter) go to Games confident, leads the overall world Cup standings.

In the absence of such a renowned relatives with each other are likely to be the advice sent to the mountains Anton Babikov and Maxim Tsvetkov. They miss in Ruhpolding individual race, perhaps their appearance to the mass start and relay. Although, maybe it would be worth our athletes the fundamentals do not speak for the remainder of the world Cup, as suggested by some foreign experts. To succeed, create additional load. It’s hard to look at the results with the sign “minus”, even harder to listen to the comments after the race. Is there some kind of hopelessness. “Bad,” “difficult,” “very bad”, “bottom” …

Of course, this season is not easy psychologically for the whole of Russia. Experience all painful. But the profession has not been canceled. In an attempt once again to explain how it happens, went to play for other countries ahead of former colleagues in the national team (now and Lapshin, and Molina, not to mention Kuzmina) famous biathlonist Nikolay Kruglov told: fades the psychological burden of responsibility for each race that you “must” coach, fans, country…

The idea is not new, probably partially fair. Our mentality is, of course, a separate issue, but “works” he is not only in sports. So psychology – psychology, and competent training that includes many of the subtleties, which to us in detail and do not know even, still in the first place. Ready to run. Not ready to lose all of myself. A trip to the mountains trying to stay optimistic Anton Babikov says: “it is Time to move the body from a dead point”. And this is the rating of the coaching staff.

By the way, if you go back to rivals (even if someone will be easier from the fact that foreign athletes are problems), one of the mysteries of the stage in Ruhpolding – great Bjoerndalen. This year, eight-time Olympic champion OLE Einar Bjoerndalen, known for his ability to bring yourself to the start, also had problems. In Ruhpolding Bjoerndalen missed the part of the relay, as in the mass start, and played only in the individual race. While 43-year-old athlete may not enter the national team of Norway for his seventh career Olympic games. “I had a good workout at the altitude of – said Bjoerndalen. – I think they will pick up form. While I don’t have enough speed. Motivation for me is the same as at 19, in 1993, before the Olympics in Lillehammer. Motivation and desire are equally great.”

Will not participate in the individual race in Ruhpolding and our leader of the women’s team Ekaterina Yurlova-Part. Need to relax – from the beginning of the season Kate didn’t miss a single race. But on the slopes of the fifth stage of the world Cup will act as Uliana Kaisheva. On the IBU Cup this season Ulyana has won five of the eight individual races. It’s finally her time on the stage of the world Cup. For thirty strongest was her last year in Ruhpolding, it is possible that this experience will bring a more optimistic result in the Olympic games.

Motivation and desire of the Russian national team too. Will there be power?

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