Russia lost to the Czech Republic in the match MFM-2018 hockey online stream

December 26 American Buffalo has launched the youth world hockey championship, which is attended by players no older than 20 years. The Russian team began the tournament with a match against the Czech Republic and we are by such events are not passed: all events in our online broadcasting.


ALL! Alas, Russian national team plays the Czech Republic in the opening match MFM-2018. Washers, we threw Poladian, Sholokhov, Kayumov and Semin, but that’s not enough – 4:5. Alas, we begin the world championship that way.

That’s all, ladies and gentlemen, a big thank you that watched the match together with us and see you soon!

20` Removal from the Czech Republic, but there are only 7 seconds.

20` 50 seconds.

20` Semin Wrist shot from the blue line and 4:5!


19` Change the goalkeeper at the sixth field.

19` Two minutes left and two goals needed.

18` Rolled out of the gate our striker and made an accurate pass to Kayumov, who literally shot the Keeper! 3:5!


17` Our opponents are very well protected and even more attacking.

14` the less time the Russians have to save this match.

11` At full strength Czech Republic.

9` the Sixth destruction of the Czechs. Well, when, if not now?!

9` is a little more than 11 minutes in the third period. And throw need three goals…

7` So, that’s sad… Shot from the blue line in the performance of Kral – exactly. 2:5.

7` GOAL!

5` the Next is fifth. And it also went to no avail.

3` we, meanwhile, another majority.

1` Began the third period, let’s go!

Break! Gave the initiative of the Czech Republic and twice was allowed to hit save. As a result, losing 2:4 and you now need to force the issue. I hope to restore equality in Russia will succeed!

Rest 15 minutes and then return to their places.

19 the removal of the Czechs.

19` Attacked, but ran into the counter and yawned twice the rebound, and this took Hitel – 2:4.

18` GOAL!

15` Manukyan was able to throw the puck, but the ball went just wide.

11` is Definitely not going well we have the game in the unequal composition, with both sides concerned.

8` Bragin”s Wards have a chance to restore equality – removal in the Czech Republic.

7` Again, the noise in the minority. Left Zadina on “the patch” – this is an evil tradition – and he calmly struck the near corner. 2:3.

6` GOAL!

5` Another removal from Russia.

3` penalty, and this is the successful start of the period.

1` Began the second period went!

Break! Wow, what a game. For the first half of the period, the two teams exchanged goals and the score we got – 2:2. At the end of the initiative was on the side of the Russian team and no doubt, the most interesting is ahead!

Meantime, rest 15 minutes and go back to your seat!

20` Makeev received a penalty for two minutes.

17` And again we have failed to implement the numerical advantage.

15` Another destruction of the Czechs.

14` Well acted and attacked, but to implement odd could not.

11` Removal from the Czech Republic, a great chance to finally come forward.

11` for this emotion we adore MFM! Compares the expense of Russia, Sholokhov was quickest of all and nicely turned around with a cast! 2:2!


9` Safin was the first to “coin” after rebound of the puck and sent it past the goalkeeper – 1:2.

8` GOAL!

7` Altiparmak flip of the wrist with the right edge was caught by surprise and the goalkeeper had to capitulate, but after a short adjustment from Poladian – 1:1!


6` Necas was left alone in front of gates and he threw one touch into the far corner – alas, 0:1.

5` GOAL!

4` Altiparmak received a two-minute removal.

3` Kayumov left from the left edge, but the Keeper reacted and took the puck.

1` the Match has started, poneslas!

0` According to tradition, the starting lineup of Russians:

Goalkeeper: Melnychuk (Sukhachev);

Altiparmak — Maltsev — Poladian, Knygos — Hares;

Sokolov — Scars — Abramov, Samorukov — Makeev;

Manoogian — Ivanov — Svechnikov, Shepelev — Inulin;

Costin — Sholokhov — Kayumov, Elizarov — Semin.

0` Hello-Hello ladies and gentlemen, big and small hockey fans! Welcome to the opening match of the MFM-2018, which will meet national teams of Russia and Czech Republic! The team will be here on the site, then begin little by little we are!

Russian national team has got in group with Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Belarus. The first match of the tournament will bring wards Valery Bragin one of the principal opponents and a direct competitor for a spot in the playoffs – the Czechs.

This will start the fight not only for Russians, but for the entire world youth championship. From the meeting depends on many things: what is the mood of the team will go on a tournament grid on which the errors will allow and how the coaches will deal with them in the future, and much more. But for sure the audience will enjoy this sincere and emotional hockey.

What will end the matter today – will know very soon. “MK” will begin live online broadcast of the match Russia – Czech Republic at exactly 20:00 Moscow time!

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