Russian divers will go to the Olympics: the Federation Executive Committee voted unanimously

The President of Federation of ski jumping and Nordic combined Dmitry Dubrovsky commented on the “MK” the decision of the Federation to send to the winter Olympics in Korea the national team of Russia.

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“We cannot say that the decision the IOC became for us unexpected, the negative background, which for the last two or three weeks, and even months were created, talked about the fact that nothing good is waiting for us.

The lifetime disqualification of athletes taking the Olympic medals – one more confirmation. Therefore, in consultation with the Board of Trustees, talking with the athletes, the sport community and, given the President’s statement, the Federation supports the decision to participate of our athletes in jumping on the ski jumping and Nordic combined under the Olympic flag.

No matter how sad and unfair for our athletes would not act under the Russian flag, however, we believe that this decision is correct, reasonable and in any case, the athletes will fight to the end and feel proud of their country in such extraordinary conditions. The corresponding decision of our Presidium addressed to the Association of winter Olympic sports of Russia, which is the position of all federations would bring to the Olympic Assembly. A meeting of the Olympic Assembly will be held on December 12 and there will be a formal decision to participate or not to participate.

The solution, of course, not easy for our country. I want to point out that claims of doping by Russian athletes in jumping on the ski jumping and Nordic combined was not, in any blacklists our jumpers and Nordic combined does not appear, and our guys will go in full force, given the Olympic licenses, which were obtained last year and confirmed this year.

Moreover, the recent world Cup ski jumping among men, which we successfully held in Nizhny Tagil, where he arrived a record number of countries participating 17, including Olympic Champions and world Champions, such as Kamil Stoch, Simon Ammann, Stefan Kraft, gives us reason that the entire global family of jumping supports us and wants to see not only the stages of the world Cup and Olympic games have the appropriate ratings and comments we receive, not only from the leadership of the FIS and the flight Director of ski jumping Walter Hofer, but also from the delegations of other countries who support us and are confident that the Russian athletes will not feel there is flawed or usamljena under a neutral flag at the Olympic games.

Unfortunately, we made the home stage of the world Cup failed, we understand why, summed up the burden of responsibility or some other reason. In General, the season started not the most successful way below their potential and our expectations, especially after a successful season of summer Grand Prix, where we were silver and bronze medals. All I can say is get into the final rounds and in the points zone by Denis Kornilov, Dmitry Vasilyev.

I can not thank the leadership of the Sverdlovsk region, thanks to their efforts was a new system of windbreaks, which was adopted and approved by the FIS. We can not imagine today’s world Cup without the support of our Board chair Dmitry Pumpyanskiy, who provided great assistance not only to our Federation but also internationally, is involved in negotiations at the international ski Federation, supports the development of our sports. The international ski Federation highly appreciated the results of the world Cup in Nizhny Tagil, which already became traditional in the December calendar. Thanks to recent innovations, we can hold competitions in all weather conditions, the windscreen worked on 200%. Two days of the competition called for 5,000 spectators, for the future we want to attract more of them. Now in Nizhny Tagil coming from abroad, to us in a press-service of the Federation requested the Polish fans who wanted to come to support their team. We helped them to buy tickets to events in advance, so they don’t worry that will not get to the springboard. They all loved it, now will definitely come to the next stage in an extended format.

Organizers from Nizhny Tagil, too, have tried, except the competitions were organized cultural programme, representatives of the FIS and the national federations attended the show in the newly renovated Nizhny Tagil circus, and was very pleased.

World Cup coverage in the full amount of three major international broadcaster, from each company arrived with about 50 employees, has been broadcast in 93 countries.

A good start to the winter season, our girls in ski jumping, after 2 places in the overall ranking of the Grand Prix Irina avvakumova at the start of the women’s winter stages of the world Cup took 4 and 6 places and is now sixth in the world classification. We were pleased with her 4th place on the large hill in Lillehammer. She is one of the main contenders for a good performance in the Olympic the winter season.

Our athletes recorded a video message to the IOC, where you declare your consent to participate under the Olympic flag and fight for the result, which we will present our Olympic Assembly and hope that our athletes will give the opportunity to Express themselves, no matter what the conditions was not present, our children are citizens of Russia and their result will always associate with our country.

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