Russian holidaymakers preferred his native Crimea abroad

The head of Rosturizma Oleg Safonov has diagnosed the domestic tourist traffic in Russia in the current summer season — “last year”. However, as noted by the official, the demand for travel to the Crimea in the first half of 2017 fell 4%. The head of The Department blamed this fact on the “statistical error”. Representatives of the Russian tourism market and analysts do not share the optimism Safonova and bring your stats with a much more alarming trend: prices for tours within the country soared by 10-15% and, as a consequence, the demand for organized trips to the resorts of Russia, including on the black sea Peninsula, fell on average by 20%. And in Sochi at the beginning of summer the number of tourists has decreased by 30%.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“Crimea for January—June 2017 was visited by 1.5 million tourists, which is 4% lower than last year over the same period”, — said the head of the Federal tourism Agency. This decline, he explains some “statistical error”, and the whole tourist season 2017 Safonov called “successful”.

The situation is not so optimistic with domestic tourism domestic tourism, but it is relatively normal, noted in conversation with “MK” Peter Pushkarev, chief analyst at TeleTrade. “Flow in may-June has not been great not only due to expensive flights, but also owing to the hot weather to our South, — the expert explained. Now, in July-August and in the autumn season, the part of the Russians, do not go to the South in early summer, still do it and will thus make statistics a contribution. However, the number of tourists at our resorts, including the Kuban and the Crimea, I’m sure this year will be less than 500-700 thousand people.”

The head of The Federal Agency for tourism, despite “successful”, according to him, the tourist season in Russia, noted that citizens give preference to when choosing a vacation spot to visit foreign resorts. “A very important trend this year — increasing outbound tourism. By about 10%. Understandable, opened the Turkey,” he said.

This year Russian resorts, probably more will drop in tourist arrivals compared with the year 2016, according to analyst Ivan kapustyasky Forex Optimum. “The exchange rate and subsidies from Ankara will once again allow the Russians to massively go to the resorts of Turkey. However, it’s not in the habit, and the differences in the service, emphasizes the interlocutor of “MK”. — Unfortunately, the Russian proposals significantly lose in terms of price and quality. However the mass outflow of tourists from the key resorts in the country will not. In our opinion, these areas have long formed the number of tourists from a certain category of citizens — especially those who, for various reasons closed leaving the country (for example the security forces and government officials)”.

More “drop” domestic tourists will resort fee, which is scheduled to be in may 2018. “The introduction of a resort fee is absolutely worthless and untimely idea: no one will pay 5-8 thousand RUB from family for 2 weeks, which can range from a quarter to half of the budget holiday in Turkey, — says Petr Pushkarev. — If officials are willing to for a few years more to discourage tourists from staying in the southern direction, then this measure is necessary to enter. For someone this argument in the choice of destinations may be the last straw: many families and so hardly the ends with the ends are reduced, fell, real income, and money for leisure is not enough.”

Commented on Oleg Safonov and loud initiative Deputy Vladimir Petrov, who yesterday offered to charge our citizens a fee for travel abroad on holiday: virtually any 100 per night depending on the country where the Russians have purchased a ticket. “The right to travel enshrined in the Constitution of our country. We believe that our citizens have the right to rest where they see fit, having the appropriate capabilities. To impose any taxes, fees for travel abroad we believe is wrong,” — said the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

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