Russian national team on free-style wrestling was not allowed in the US

First Vice-President of Federation of wrestling of Russia (FSBR) commented on the situation with the deprivation of the Russian team the right to compete at the world Cup in the United States.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Arsen Fadzayev.

Russian national team on free-style wrestling, most likely, will not perform at the world Cup in Iowa, USA. The consular section of the U.S. Embassy refused to pursue with the Russians the interview, citing “shortage of staff”. But according to Arsen’s fadzayev’this decision is dictated, in the first place, big politics:

For thirty years speakers in the United States and before such was not the case. Yes, a couple of times did not give visas to one or two wrestlers, but that would be the whole team… We as usual did everything in advance, filed documents, and the Americans held on to the last. Even the tickets are not yet buying, risk money you can not, 20 people were supposed to fly! Yes, offered to do everything via Armenia, but this is ridiculous. To the Russian team went to Suriname to apply for a visa to the United States. Why not here?

– That is likely to see our team at the world Cup is almost there?

– Most likely. Even if we at the Embassy will respond positively to the interview still do not have time to come. The people on the ground: someone at the training camp, somebody’s home. They just don’t have time in Moscow to come. So 99% that we will not be there. Many athletes and coaches are already plans have changed. The moment passed, the principle of “Oh, sport – you are the world” is completely broken.

– Many celebrities will not go to this world Cup, it will reduce the interest in the tournament?

– Of course! Not a major favorite: Iran. A few Kazakh fighters were not allowed. Champion of the youth Olympics of Abiyev mukhambetova, for example. And they, too, could fight. Even if the tournament will take place, it will be at the level to match the superiority of the region in South Ossetia. They have deprived viewers of the opportunity to look at the famous wrestlers. And Americans love the sport of wrestling is their sport. Always had full houses. And here for them would be a disappointment, imagine if Messi played in the world Cup. The tournament obviously will not correspond to the world level.

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